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Hi everyone. Today’s tutorial is going to be a water marble design If you like this style of nail art, you can checkout category for more ideas and inspirations. For the container, I am using my glass candle holder with a 5cm diameter opening Fill it with room temperature tap water all the way to the top and let that sit for a few minutes To prepair the nail for water marbling, apply base coat and a layer of white nail polish.

This will make the colors more vibrant looking When the water is ready, Have all your nail polish colors opened and ready to drip The colors I’m using today is White, Black and Red. A very popular color combo suggested by these lovely people Australia has some of the cleanest waters in the world. So I can get away with using tap water if you question the purity of your waters, use filtered or bottled water instead allowing the water to warm up a little to room temperature 25C will give you more time to drag your designs on the surface of the water the cooler the water, the faster the nail polish will dry Try to drip closer to the water.

If you drip too high, it might end up on the bottom of the container instead of spreading on the surface So continue to drip until you get a few rings of each color Next grab the smallest dotting tool, or an orange stick, and start creating your patterns Start with lines going from the center of the rings towards the 4 directions. North south west and east Then drag spirals from the outside rings towards the center of the cup.

Do this a few times coming from different directions all end up in the middle When you’re finished you should end up with something similar to this Now that you have your pattern, its time to decide where to dip your fingers in I’ve made a little cut out from a cardboard that’s roughly the same size as my nails by hovering that over the water marble pattern makes it a little easier to see how it might look like when its on your nails Once you’ve decided, you can turn the cup around to a more convenient position to dip your nails in hold the nail in the water and slightly blow onto the surface to dry up the remaining nail polishes then use a q-tip and remove the leftover patterns.

Once the coast is clear, you can remove your finger from the water To clean up, just dab some polish remover onto a nail wipe and remove the excess polish from around the fingers I actually don’t mind a bit of cleaning up. Some people prefer the tape method which I will show you next To reduce clean up of the nail polishes, you can use some tape to help prevent it from getting on your fingers Take a piece of tape and place it under the nail then use a second piece and wrap it from the side of the nail, then under the tip and over to the other side Now repeat steps to create a similar water marble pattern from before Even if you apply the same lines, the pattern will vary depending on where you dip your nails so every design is unique if you like this pattern, try it with different colors to see what other awesome combos you can create If your nail polish is not spreading as well as you would have hoped, you can help it a little by poking your dotting tool into the empty areas and it will help pull open the rings A lot of people have trouble getting their nail polish colors to spread Not all nail polish will work for water marbling.

Even the same brand will have colors that work and ones that doesn’t All I can say is that you need to just try a few colors and see which works better The black polish I used didn’t quite turn out so black but non the less, I still like how the pattern turned out on my nails the color combo created a slight hint of lavender to my design Once you’ve found your spot. Dip your finger in and clear away the excess polish from the water surface Take your nail out and checkout your awesome new design To remove the tape. Cut the section from under the tip of your nails and you will be able to peel off the whole thing with ease you might have to clean up a little but most of it is prevented with the tape Once all your nails are done, use a q-tip soaked in polish remover to clean around the cuticles You can apply top coat and leave it as it is or go the extra step and decorate it with some rhinestones and beads Apply a clear coat as adhesive and place a complimentary colored rhinestone onto the nail you can place them on different parts of the nail depending on how your pattern looks Then use the tip of a doting tool dipped in clear polish and pick up some silver beads and place them around the rhinestone while the clear coat is still wet,you can move the beads to position them and create a ring around the rhinestone Do the same for the remaining fingers and finish with top coat over the entire nail, especially over the decals to secure them for a lasting manicure  Which do you like better, with or without the decals?

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