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Hi Everyone, Today I’m going to be showing you a simple technique to recreate this Fingerprint nail design Perfect for Halloween if you’re planning on dressing up as a criminal or a detective If you like this design please give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends Let me know in the comments what you are dressing up as for Halloween this year and Also checkout my Halloween playlist linked below for more Halloween designs As always start with base coat to protect your nails Get your nail polishes ready and have them both opened before application We need to do the technique while both the nail polishes are still wet Apply the lighter colors onto half of the nail, make sure you get a generous amount of nail polish and not just a thin layer Then apply the second color to the other half of the nail leaving no gaps in between If you get any of the first color onto the brush, make sure to wipe the brush clean before putting it back in the bottle to prevent the colors from mixing together While both the colors are still Wet, quickly grab an orange stick or a toothpick, and start drawing a spiral starting from the middle of the nail gradually expand the swirl, layer by layer until you get to the side of the nails how awesome does that look and so easy to do If you get any spillage onto the cuticles, just use a nail wipe and remove it before the nail polish dries for a quick cleanup Notice that when I did a clockwise swirl the intersection of the colors shifted slightly to the right if I swirl it anti clockwise, the effect leans towards the left and gives it a diagonal gradient effect from black to white even though we applied the nail polish with verticle lines Also if you find that the lines are too deep and the nail bed colors are showing up then use less force on the stick and only drag the spiral through the nail polish not touching all the way to the nail and it will create a cleaner line For my accent nail, I decided to add some blood splatter just to match the theme of the video For a more indepth tutorial check out my splatter nail video for all the variations on creating splatter nails This design is great to go with Dexter, CSI, and any other murder mystery themed costumes Once you’re done, apply top coat to protect your designs If you like this video, please rate it share it and add it to your favourite playlist Subscribe for updates I upload new videos every Thursday Wednesday night if you’re in the US or Canada

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