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The Most Powerful Hybrid SUV

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51 Very Beautiful 3d Flowers Nail Art Designsby The National Roads and Motorists� Association For those who demand power, speed and the fuel economy of a hybrid in a luxury vehicle, look no further than BMWs first hybrid SUV, the X6. The four-passenger 2010 BMW X6 ActiveHybrid is the fastest hybrid crossover SUV you can buy. With the creation of the crossover, the BMW X6 challenges the distinction of car and SUV. The X6 is more probably found in a car lineup than sport-utility. The X6 defies traditional boundaries, and will redefine consumer expectations.

The X6 represents a new breed of hybrid. Duel motors and advanced electronic continuously variable transmission allow it to float up to 1 . 6 miles with speeds of up to 37 mph solely on electric current. The ActiveHybrid X6 takes claim as the world’s most effective hybrid, with the electric bits combining with a 400-hp, 4. 4 liter twin turbocharged V-8, producing a total output of 480 hp and 575 lb ft of torque. All that adds up to some serious fun.

The X6 deploys a 7-speed Sport Automatic transmission with Adaptive Transmission Control Sport and steptronic Manual shift modes, and steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters. Own the road with all the ActiveHybrid’s double wishbone front suspension, lightweight multi-link integral rear suspension, and self-leveling suspension. Enjoy engine-speed-sensitive power steering, 4-wheel anti-lock ventilated disc brakes, and electronic front/rear proportioning. The X6 has tremendous handling dexterity, excellent front seats, and sings a majestic tune with its mechanics.

The X6 ActiveHybrid feels very similar to the all-wheel-drive X6 from which it has evolved. It’s swift, agile, and vastly capable, despite weighing in just over 5200 pounds. The X6 ActiveHybrid retains the standard model’s torque vectoring rear differential, allowing for physics-defying changes in direction by dynamically routing power to the exterior rear wheel while cornering. It is rare for a vehicle of immense sport capability as the X6 to do so.

While you might normally anticipate to pay upwards of $ 100, 000 for the opportunity to drive a top-level ActiveHybrid SUV, the starting associated with the X6 begs for your pedal to the medal, ringing in at $ 76, 975.

Words will paint a picture of this sleek and powerful luxury ActiveHybrid, but just a test drive will transform this authentic experience into a reality. We invite you to come by BMW North Scottsdale, or Penske Auto Mall for your own personel personal examination, and see for yourself why the X6 is redefining hybrid expectations.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel liberated to give is a call at 866-219-2398 for sales, service or parts questions. We are located at 18018 North Scottsdale Rd in Phoenix, AZ. If you have any inquiries regarding exactly where and how to use Nail, you can get in touch with us at our web-site. You can find more information about new and used BMW cars by going to our BMW North Scottsdale or Penske Auto Mall.

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