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Hi Everyone, today’s tutorial is brought to you by Women’s Health of Australia They are currently running an important health survey for Australian ladies between the ages of 18-23 Help them shape the future of women’s health – By filling out the survey you have a chance to win an exclusive pair of leggings by Black Milk For more information click the annotation on screen or find the link in the description box below As Always start with base coat to protect your nails. Today we’re doing a tattoo nail design On the Index and Ring Finger apply a coat of White nail polish as the base color on the Middle, thumb and Pinky Finger, apply a coat of black nail polish Mixing up the background colors will make the design more interesting to look at even though it’s a monochrome design Using Image Plate A43 available from my Website, apply stamping polish over the design Scrap away excess polish using the konad Scraper and Transfer the image using the stamper Check that the image is complete, then aim and roll it over the nail In between stamps, you can use nail polish remover to clean the image plate, stamper and scraper Then repeat steps for the remaining nails Alternate the colors for each finger, apply white stamps on the black backgrounds and vice versa To clean the excess prints from around the fingernail, dip a q tip in polish remover and wipe away the unwanted prints Once your done, it should look something like this I think it looks pretty good as it is, but if you want to keep going , there is more you can do to add to this design and transform it into a slightly different version For the designs with a black background and white print, cover 1/3 of that nail with a layer of black polish.

Vice versa for the other fingers For the accent nail, add a strip of white polish down the middle of the design Wait a couple of minutes for those layers to dry then use a striper brush and add a vertical line just a little bit away from the edge of the covered up sections For those of you with shaky hands, it helps if you hold your breath while dragging the lines For the ring finger, add 2 lines on the edge of each side Next pick up some black studs and place them on the corner of the white edge.

Alternatively You can also add in the dots with a toothpick or dotting tool For the ring finger, you can either add 1 stud on the tip of the nail or add 3 down the nail like I have here Once you’re done, apply top coat to seal in the decals and to prolong the wearing time of your manicure Let me know which set of nails you liked better, the stamped version or the slightly decorated version of these tattoo nail designs If you like this please rate it, share it and add it to your favorites.

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