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Take Your Nail Care Regimen To The Next Level!

Posted on February 15, 2018 By

30 festive Christmas acrylic nail designs: Red Christmas acrylic nails u2013 would be cute with any color for everyday nailsOne of the most important parts of a lady’s daily beauty care regimen is her fingers. They need to take proper care of their fingers and fingernails to enable them to stay confident and beautiful. There’s nothing more turning off than the sight of ugly, unkempt fingernails. Now the most common method of maintaining healthy and good looking fingernails are nail paints. These are mild chemicals that help prevent chipping off of the nails and maintain them in good health. Shellac nail polish is one of the recent products in the wonderful world of fashion and beauty that is creating tons of buzz due to its nature. What is it that Shellac contains that is making lots of women switch over from their regular nail care products, Read on.

Take your nail care to a new level with Shellac

An invention of the popular nail cosmetics company Creative Nail Designs, Shellac nail polish is a revolutionary new product that promises several benefits over traditional nail paints. A patented technology, Shellac nails give you the unique benefit of having problem free nails for about two whole weeks! Apply it every fortnight and forget about the various problems which others fail to address. Your nails will not chip, the polish will stay on for longer and the shine will not even smudge. A few excited Shellac fans also reported on the blogs that if maintained with a little care, it could last even longer than 14 days.

So what makes Shellac different than regular nail care products, The secret lies in the patented formula of the product. It’s actually a carefully studied mixture of gel based polish and normal nail polish. This combination gives the polish its excellent properties. The way in which you apply this to your nails is also not the same. There are three layers which you have to utilize – the base coat, the color coat and the top coat. After you might have applied the nail paint, you need to keep your fingers under a singular UV lamp for some time till each layer sets properly.

The best part is the fact that if you get bored of your Shellac nail polish, you can swiftly take it off at home itself. All you have to do is apply some acetone to your nails and wipe off. Simple! In addition to this, there are lots of colours to select from so you can never get bored.

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  1. Rikki says:

    I love Shellac! Especially since I’ve given up my acrylic nails, it’s nice to have pretty finger nails but also healthy ones that are natural!

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