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Camouflage Nail Art Tutorial

Hi YouTubes! So for those of you who are following me on Twitter and Facebook and stuff you already know that I’m still sick, but I wanted to upload a new tutorial anyways read more

Nail art beginner 3D Gel Vs Resin

Hello everyone, here’s the nail art I’m going to show you It’s a ribbon that I’ve made with 3D resin I will also show you the difference between gel and resin I have read more

Nail Art Tutorial – matte & Shine

Mat & Shine Paint 2 layers of desirable colour and cure between each Finish with 2 layers of topgloss and cure between each Wipe off the sticky layer and use a buffer to remove read more

Glitter Gradient & Black Lace How-to Japanese Nail Art [English Subs] ラメグラデーションと黒レースネイル

Glitter Gradient and Black Lace Design! First, apply base coat Using silver glitter, let’s begin with the gradient design! Using an aluminium foil, mix the glitter and clear read more

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