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DIY Nails

Boyfriend does voiceover | Andy Warhol Banana POP Art Nails

Holo together! It’s me, Cristine and I’m sick I’m dying Help Maybe you’ve seen me complaining about social media on Twitter or Snapchat recently, and if you read more

Halloween Nail Art Designs – Black Cats Nails Tutorial

To get this Halloween nail art with black cats and cat scratches I started by painting my nails purple and white. On the thumb nail using black acrylic paint and a nail art brush read more

Holographic cat nails with vinyls – SO EASY MEOW

Finally, the time has come, where I put cats on my nails. Maybe you thought I was gonna freehand some cat faces on my nails. You would’ve been wrong. Do you want 18 cat head read more

Rainbow Holo Smoke Nails | Mani-swap with Elleandish!

Are you trippin’ acid or are these nails just awesome? Holo everyone, it’s me Cristine again and today I am super excited to bring you something new to You.  You’ve read more

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