Nail art beginner 3D Gel Vs Resin

Hello everyone, here’s the nail art I’m going to show you It’s a ribbon that I’ve made with 3D resin I will also show you the difference between gel and resin I have

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Matte Nail Art Using Various Techniques

After preparing the nails, we apply 2 coats of Moyra Fuse No. 45 on the ring and middle finger. Moyra Fuse is a rather thick gel polish, therefore we suggest to apply it with a

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Summer Fruit Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

For this design we’re going to use the pre-cut, pre-designed fruit that you can get. I just need to change the level of the nail by putting a piece of acrylic there to get

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Autumn Copper Foil Nail Art Design Tutorial

We’re going to do an Autumn style nail now where we’re going to encapsulate some copper foil. We’ve already placed the form on and this nail’s already

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Correct Acrylic Consitancy Tutorial by Naio Nails

I want to talk to you in this video about bead consistency. I still know a lot of people who are still having problems with bead consistency. When you’re doing art work

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