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Super Easy Feathers – Toothpick Nail Art! | ArcadiaNailArt

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Hi guys Feathers are a pretty difficult thing to paint, so I’ve figured out a way to create them with a toothpick. Start with a curved line of dots that gradually get smaller. Press the toothpick on the edge of the largest dot and start flicking all the way up the line making curved strokes. Make them shorter towards the top of the feather. Repeat on either side and again curve the lines inwards like a real feather, then press down and draw a clean line through the middle. If the lines are too thick go back quickly and re-do them. Some of my attempts weren’t very good, but luckily I used black and white acrylic paints, so I could just wipe them away with a cotton bud and start again.

You see? It’s pretty easy, but you should practice on a piece of paper first to get the hang of it. Add a little glitter polish, topcoat the whole thing, and you’re done. Are you going to give it a try? I hope so, and don’t forget to thumbs up if you like the tutorial. Thanks for reading, bye! .

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