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Summer Fruit Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial

Posted on February 25, 2017 By

For this design we’re going to use the pre-cut, pre-designed fruit that you can get. I just need to change the level of the nail by putting a piece of acrylic there to get rid of that edge for me. So again, we’re working on a nice even surface. We’re going to start by doing a marbleised design, using glitter and the colours. Again, you want this to be quite wet because we are going to embed the fruit into it. Now you can pick up your fruit by just dampening your brush, picking it up and pressing it into the acrylic. So that’s why the acrylic still needs to be nice and wet.

Use the belly of your brush to press it down. Now we just need to cap this whole nail. I’m going to leave that nail to set a little bit before we pinch. You are going to have to leave it just a little bit longer before you pinch for this design. Because if not the edges of the fruit still can pop out as you’re pinching because they will want to stay flat. We are trying to curve the nail, so leave it a little bit longer.

Okay, so we can place our pinching tool on now and leave it for a few minutes. So, we can take that pinching tool off now and we’re ready for filing. Remove all your dust now. Then apply your gel top coat. Put that finger into the lamp for two minutes. To finish this nail off a little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in and that’s the encapsulated fruit done.

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