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Stop Biting Your Nails

Posted on February 7, 2018 By

Download Nail Art Designs for Android - AppszoomLearning how to stop biting your nails is not as easy as some people think. It is only when you become a nail biter that you will understand the true difficulty associated with trying to stop biting your nails.

Reasons why people may bite their nails:

1- Stress

2- Nervousness

3- or because it has developed into a habit

Negative effects of biting your nails:

1- Sore and possibly bleeding finger tips

2- Unsightly stubs where your nails should be

3- Infection

If you manage to stop biting your nails you will see great results pretty soon. You will no longer be embarrassed to show your nails in public areas, you will be able to care for them and paint them and you will feel a lot better about yourself in general.

So how can you stop biting your nails,

1- Realise you have a problem. Maybe take some pictures of the unsightly nails so you can compare them from day to day on how they are improving once you stop biting your nails.

2- Imagine yourself having beautiful healthy nails. You could even try putting a picture up on your wall from the nails you imagine that you will have when they grow back.

3- You can begin of slow if you feel this will help you ease yourself away from biting. You could aim to save one nail at a time until eventually they are all saved.

4- Increase foods that contain calcium and magnesium. These nutrient will help your nails grow back strong and healthy.

5- Try pushing your cuticles back. This is best done after a bath because your skin is going to be softer then. By doing this you may give your nails a better shape making them look more attractive. This consequently may motivate you to stop biting them.

6- Replace your nail biting habit with something else. When you feel the urge to bit try tapping your fingers on a hard surface or maybe bite on some mints to prevent you from biting your nails.

7- Take up a spare time activity that will keep you hands busy. Knitting is great! It’s not just for the elderly either! It helps keep your hands busy when sitting doing nothing consequently keeping your hands away from your mouth.

8- Keep a nail file handy. Anytime you feel a jagged edge on your nail file it down because if you don’t you will bite it.

9- Treat yourself to a manicure every week or so. This can be your little reward for not biting your nails all week. Using a motivation technique such as this really can work wonders.

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