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Hi Everyone, Today I have a set of spring nail art designs for you to try Super easy to recreate. Having Cute nails doesn’t have to be complicated You can do it with or without the decals and Choose your favorite designs to do on all your nails or miss and match them like I have here You can use any decals you already have or use your stamp set if you have a similar design you can use Winner of last week’s giveaway will be announced at the end of this video as well as another giveway if you’re interested As always, apply base coat to protect your nails To create the textured look, dab a green and white nail polish near by and mixed the colors with a detail brush Dip the brush in Green first then into the white.

When you press the brush onto the nail at an angle, it will create a textured effect repeat steps with dipping the brush into the 2 colors and pressing the colors onto the nail you don’t need to draw anything here, just dab the colors to build into a French tip shape Slightly longer on the side and shorter in the middle to create a curved shape The uneven edges makes it look like grass perfect for spring You can either leave it as a French tip just with the green or you can create a full nail design by adding a gradient colour down the nail to also go with the spring theme I used a grey and yellow color for this design Using the same technique of dipping in the colored polish first then into the white to create the uneven effect I used this technique to create the feathered nail design in my animal print video.

The result looks quite fluffy looking When you get to the last colour, leave a half moon shape down the bottom of the nail If you want to fix up any uneven lines, you can dip a flat brush in nail polish remover and clean up the lines to the desired look To decorate this nail, I went with a cute little bow and rhinestone sticker Place it anywhere you like on the nail and it instantly makes the nail look 10 times cuter Just hover the sticker over the nail to find the best spot before placing it on the nail For the middle finger, I went with some fimo slices in the shape of a butterfly You can also get these in stick form and you need to cut them down yourself into thin slices Apply clear coat as adhesive and place one butterfly on the edge of the French tip and another one down the nail Then use a dotting tool and add a string of dots behind each butterfly to bring some motion into the design Super cute right? This one is my favourite, let me know which design you like the best in the comments below For the Ring finger, I went with a simple flower sticker you can also dot in a flower using your dotting tool or stamp on a design with your stamp set if you have a similar pattern you want to use On my pinky finger, I used a dragonfly fimo slice to decorate since it also goes with the spring theme When your done, apply top coat over the entire nail to secure the decals in place Especially try to press the fimo slices flat on the nail until dry If you like this video please rate it, share it and add it to your favourite playlist Thank you to everyone that entered last week’s image plate giveaway, Here is the winner that was randomly chosen

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