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Simple Nail Art Design Ideas

Posted on April 28, 2018 By

Manicure Sample Kit - Astonishing Nails CyprusWhen anyone mentions easy nail design, I always think of lines and dots or simple flower motifs. And they’re great in the summertime, but I’m always looking for something different and original to bring you in my blogs.

Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton and Prada

Here are some fantastic new nail designs that are not only easy to do yourself, but they come from top manicurist Jin-Soon-Choi. Jin does the very special nail designs worn by models who appear in Prada, Balenciaga, and Louis Vuitton marketing campaigns.


In addition, Jin also works for Vogue magazine, so these terrific two-tone nail designs are the ultra-chic answer to complicated nail art for this season!

If you just don’t have time for complicated nail designs, or you want something with a bit more sophistication for the winter party season this year, take a look at these amazing new styles!

Blue & Green Colour Block

Modern yet Easy Blue & Green Colour Block Nail Design

This is a fabulous look with two contrasting colours that actually look pretty cool together. The nails are divided in half by the fabulous sapphire blue and the amazing green shimmer at the tips.

Lavender with Asymmetrical Gold Tips

Easy Lavender with Asymmetrical Gold Tips Nail Design

This is a glamorous look but also a subtle one, when done on a pale pastel shade base as shown in the picture. The lovely lavender in this picture is very soft and pretty. But topped with the unexpected deep gold chevron at the tips, the look becomes sophisticated and very attractive.

Reverse French Manicure

Easy Nail Design- Reverse French Manicure

Here’s a great new nail design! It’s a sort of reverse of the typical French Manicure, which has white tips. In this version, you paint a white base on your nails and when it’s dry, you cover it with your main colour, leaving an original white margin around the base and side of the nails!

The Cute Tuxedo Look – Easy nail design for short nails

Easy Nail Art Design – The Cute Tuxedo Look

How cute are these peach nails adorned with deep purple Tuxedo tips, You just need to do two brush strokes for each tip and you’ve got a fabulous fun look in double-quick time!

Black Line Tips

Cute Simple Nail Design Black Line Tips

And here’s another version showing how effective a strong contrast can be. The pretty shell-pink nails are finished with a sophisticated black line accentuating the curve at the tip of each nail!

Jin has just launched her own line of nail varnishes called JINsoon, which I’m sure is going to be a big success for her. So enjoy experimenting with your own colour ideas for these totally chic,

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