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Russian nail art secrets UNLOCKED – No-water watermarble!

Posted on December 28, 2016 By

Hey guys. It’s me, Cristine, again. Your friendly neighborhood Canadian nail artist. You may have seen my last tutorial revealing the secrets that Russian nail artists will hate me for revealing. In any case, I’m fully aware that I messed up, and put the Russian nail techniques to shame. I’m so sawry Sveta! *sob* I’m so sorry! I couldn’t do it like you! Since you guys were super supportive that my Canadian mutt identity wasn’t born with any Russian nail artist genes, I decided I’d take a second stab at this. ‘Cause here in Canada we ain’t got no shame! I’m not afraid to show the world that I mess up. Then we can all have a laugh, and have a gay ol’ time together. And now, I have UNLOCKED the SECRET of Russian nail art. *click* No! Those aren’t Yunona’s hands! They’re actually mine, silly! Alright, alright.

Let’s DO this. I’m applying my first coat of a mint green polish, and flooding my cuticles like it’s my job. Before we unlock the master secret, here’s what I did wrong on my pinky finger. I used an ACTUALLY GOOD highly pigmented black nail polish. And it didn’t pool so well and spread, BECAUSE it’s a GOOD nail polish. THAT’S the KICKER. Just wait for it. Let’s talk about tools for a second here. So this is like, a watermarbling tool. Or a tiny, tiny dotting tool. Whatever you want to call it. And THAT’S what I originally saw Sveta and some other Russians using when they do their watermarbles, or dragmarbles, or any of that stuff. So I TRIED it and it didn’t work out, ’cause I kept scrapping through the polish. and that’s no good.

So I GET to thinking. Maybe using a thin stripping brush would work better than a hard metal tool for us North Americans who don’t know how to do their nails properly. In my last video, people seem to think that I forgot that there is any other country in the world besides America, Canada, and Russia. I’m fully aware that there’s other countries in the world! But to be honest, I pretty much group everyone in Europe, Australia, Asia, all of those other continents that AREN’T North America, in the same group as Russians.

‘Cause ya’all are amazing, and I don’t know how you do it. Which means, I’m pretty much just insulting Canadians and Americans. Oh wait. Uhm. Well if you’re Canadian, you won’t be offended, ’cause you’re totally cool and you laugh at anything. And if you’re American, then, well I hope you ate a serving of humor for dinner. You didn’t hear anything I just said, did you? No you didn’t! ‘Cause you were distracted by the holo. Which is just a backboard I bought at Walmart™ . That I put underneath my tripod setup thing. Now pay attention! Let’s get back to work! I’m applying a very thick second coat, ’cause you need it to be thick and wet for the next part to work.

Don’t let this dry, guys. Don’t let it dry. In the comments of my last video, a lot of you guys said I was doing it wrong, ’cause I let the base polish dry. If there’s something you know that I don’t, ’cause I’m pretty sure I left it wet. So here’s the trick. The polish you drop in has gotta be a shitty polish. *click* This is Revlon’s ‘Blackest Black,’ and it’s not black at all. It’s like a navy blue that’s really translucent, and really gelly, and has a bit of shimmer in it. This is, like, the FURTHEST thing from “blackest black.” Come on, Revlon! Know your stuff.

Look at that. That’s like, two coats. This is black milk. This is *disgusting*! We all know that my distaste for white, milky polishes on my nails. But BLACK MILK?! That’s a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of milk! But because it’s so shitty and sheer, it actually bleeds super well into the base wet polish. Just pretend I didn’t segue off into that discussion about how bad this polish is, and work quickly! Do your green base first, then drop your crappy gelly polish in next, Take a thin paintbrush, if you prefer, and use that to make some kind of design with the blobs.

Holy cow! Your mind is blown! *click* I don’t know what this is, it just kinda looks like melting hearts. But this was my first attempt, guys! Aren’t you proud of me?! And, by “first” attempt I mean my, like, “seventeenth” attempt after my last video of this. Make sure to give the polish at least fifteen minutes to fully dry, and then SEAL that Russian perfection in with a glossy top coat. Or matte top coat. Or whatever top coat. Either one, I don’t care. It’s not the same design as Sveta’s original dragmarble witchcraft magic, but I think I could get there with practice. If I live another 200 years. Buuuuut, I don’t care. We all know I’m going back to gradients and nail vinyls anyways. Oh hey there! I’m sawry! Did you think I was a real Russian nail blogger? My hand pose must have fooled you too. Because I’m from North America, I’m going to ruin this with glitter. Not holo glitter this time, but I thought it would be fun to try iridescent topper polish. Looks like the dandruff of a unicorn. Oooh my gawd.. Look at that reverse action! Better close the door if your parents are home.

Take your thin, small brush, and just swipe it all over that Russian magic. If anything, I think this just compliments the witchcraft. I mean, I don’t believe anything is supernatural, unless it sparkles anyways. Add another top coat to seal it all in. And that was probably my most conservative use of glitter ever. Bookmark this video, ’cause you won’t see it again. And yeah, my nails are looking pretty sophisticated. Actually, they’re pretty much office appropriate. In fact, they’re kinda elegant and classy. Ooh… I don’t know how I feel about this anymore.

I’m not sure I can be comfortable with this manicure, guys. Well, I think the moral of the story here is, “Don’t try to be something your not.” That includes; “Trying to be Russian on your nails.” You gotta do what you love, people. And if you love just doing gradients, and using nail vinyls, and putting holo glitter on every thing and anything, and never doing any freehand stuff ever… Then that’s completely okay! Because the nail community accepts you for who you are. Alright, I’m gonna go take these off my nails before I have an identity crisis. See you guys next time! BYE! .

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