Purple Jewel Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial Video by Naio Nails – Nail Art Genius

Purple Jewel Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Posted on December 24, 2016 By

This nail we’re going to do a basic purple tip and on top we’re going to do a new jewel design. So we’re using a nice, deep purple but I’m also putting it on nice and thin so your product again needs to be nice and wet. And then I’m using the tip of my brush to blend down. The reason we’re working nice and wet and thin on this nail is so that it gets a nice transparent look. Don’t worry about this area too much because that’s going to get covered up with the jewel design. So we can cap this whole nail now in pink acrylic.

Let that nail set for a little bit before you pinch it. Place your pinching tool on and leave it there for a few minutes. So, you can take your pinching tool off and now this nail’s ready for filing. Get rid of your dust and then this nail’s ready for a gel top coat because we’re going to put the jewelled work on top of the gel top coat. Get your client to place that finger into the lamp for two minutes We’re going to make our jewel now.

The way we do that is go into white acrylic and then into purple. Take the liquid out the back and place it right onto the centre of the nail. Use the point of your brush just to marble that round a little bit and then we’re going to wait for that too set a little bit. We need it it stay quite high and round so as it’s setting we’re going to keep pushing it back in. Now that bead has turned matte you just press it down gently so that it’s not too high – belly of your brush.

We’re now going to go round this whole bead with some silver beads. So we are using our clear acrylic to pop them in place. Tiny, tiny amounts of clear acrylic Then we are going to bring these silver beads down here to create a really nice long smile line and down the other side too. So, same again, clear acrylic in to your beads and just check that you are even on both sides. The next stage is to apply some brush-on glue over the centre area to make that nice and shiny so you look like you’ve got a jewel right in the centre. Wait for that to set, if it soaks in too much then just put a little bit more on until it stays shiny. Then you can finish that nail off with a little bit of cuticle oil and that’s that nail done.


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