Party nail art design tutorial : Gold nails & acrylic paint roses

Posted on January 25, 2017 By

Hi girls! Today I will show you how to make a floral nail art. On a beautiful duochrome nail polish. And in a scarab style, I have drawn some roses and leaves. In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make the roses and the leaves. This nail art will train you to do these kinds of designs. And of course, you can do it your way! Let’s have look at the video. First I’ve applied the Color Club editorial nail polish. And to do the drawing, I will use the Jo Sonja’s acrylic paint And the Roubloff Dk13R #2 brush. I have put the references in the description. Before I start drawing, I dip my brush in water. I dip the hair of the brush well in water. Then I start drawing. To draw the rose, I start by making a dot That I surround by two semicircles very close to each other. And then make two more semicircles.

You can see it better now. To make it look like a rose, the semicircles don’t have to be neat. To do so, I make a thin line, then I press on my brush and I release it to obtain a thin line. Sorry if you can’t see what l’m doing so well, the nail polish shines a bit too much. Then to make the leaves, I use the same technic. I make a thin line, then I press on my brush and I release it.

Then I add another line close to the first one, leaving a space in between. And then I join the two lines at the end. I add several leaves between the roses. As you can see, I add two lines and it makes the leaf. The Roubloff brush is very useful to do this kind of design since it squeezes easily. Here is it! The nail art is done! Finally I apply the top coat to be able to keep my nail art longer. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.
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