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One stroke Nail art tribal summer

Posted on December 29, 2016 By

Hi girls, in this tutorial, I’ll be showing you a tribal nail art I have made spirals in one stroke monochrome with solely black and iridescent paint. It is somehow easy but very slow to do. I’d first done this green tribal design on a fake nail My Facebook fans have chosen this one compared to the other. For the other nails I have first applied a coral coloured polish. Then I applied a pigmented top coat by ABC Nailstore.

I also applied other pigments using my fingers. And finally I applied glitters on my cuticles. I’ve applied a white nail polish on my ring finger then with raspberry pink, coral and yellow orange nail polishes will make an ombré. With a sponge I gently tap on my nail to make the ombré. I apply two coats of it. I then clean the end of the nail and add some orange polish on the edge so that the polish does not chip and keeps its neat colours.

The ombré is done. Then, I applied a thick top coat or you can apply a matte top coat. But as my polish dried all night, I sand it with a soft nail buffer block According to me, it is easier to use paint on a something sanded than on a matte top coat It is important to use a new brush It has to be very straight and not cut or it won’t work for the one stroke monochrome I dip half of my brush in the black paint I remove the excess paint, I wipe it so as to obtain a beautiful ombré This is how I proceed to do the semi-circles.

I simply draw two semi-circles like this.

Bring your arc quite to the middle. Now you only have to repeat the same technique in the other direction. The most difficult part is to determine the direction of the spirals and the correct prearrangement of these spirals. Because the pattern is not done in one go, so you should be able to think ahead of it. Once all the spirals are done, I do the outlines with my detail brush.

To make a tribal style, I will add some triangles where there is enough space. Now I trace a wavy line. If you made a mistake, you can erase it with some alcohol and start over again as much as you like.

With black paint on my brush, I add some shadows underneath the wavy line I’ve done. I draw several short lines and with my brush I add some shadows between the lines Don’t forget to use the same size of brush as before. If your brush is a big, just take less black paint. I add some black dots with a fine dotting tool. Now use a iridescent paint to highlight the design You may also use a nail polish to do this. And with a fine brush, I add some iridescent spot here and there. Finally I have applied a matte top coat to enhance the design. I hope you like this nail art?  Thank you! See you very soon!.

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