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One stroke exotic feathers nail art tutorial by cute nails

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Hello Girls! In today’s video I won’t introduce my cat to you but I will show you how to make the nail art design that I’m wearing. With the one stroke technic I’ve done some kind of exotic feathers. I hope that you will enjoy this tutorial, see you soon with my second cat. When my purple base coat is dry, I use three colors of acrylic paint: Two shades of purple paint and some white paint. With a square brush or a beveled brush.

I dip one third of the brush in white color and two-thirds in purple color. Then I draw something like a drop – like the basic one stroke petal shape. I go up my nail with my brush, then I twist it in between my fingers and go down. I let it dry for a few seconds and I apply another coat to obtain a very bright color since the base is very dark. I wait a few seconds for it to dry.

Then I clean my brush or I use another one I dip one-third in white color and two-thirds in the pink color. I make the same drawing but slightly offset on the side. Then I’ll make one purple petal then a pink one and then a purple and a pink one again. Just like you can see here. And each time I wait a few seconds to let it dry and I apply another coat to have a beautiful color. Then when the design is dry, I use the detail brush ROUBLOFF DK13R Size 00. You will find the reference under the video, in the description. I dilute my paint to be able to make very thin lines. Don’t dilute it too much or else it won’t paint anymore. So I dip the brush in the white color and I remove the extra paint on my palette so I don’t have much paint on the brush.

And now, I make the outlines of the petals I’ve drawn. To emphasize the white shape. When I’m done with the outlines, I add a spike to each petal. I start with a little round shape and finally I add the small spike. The length of the spike depends on you. Just make sure that the spike is very sharp. To do so, don’t press on the brush. Do it softly. Then with my brush, I add some dots inside the petals. I using my details brush to be able to make tiny little dots But they won’t look as round as they would with a dotting tool.

Then I use the ROUBLOFF DK13R Size 02 to draw little leaves. To do so, I press on my brush and release it to obtain a little spike. So I press on my brush and release it. It’s almost over. I add some Flakey top coat on the side to be able to add some glitter. Then with a fanbrush and some blue Bling Bling Mix, I sprinkle the glitter flakes on the side. Then I press them with my finger to flatten them all.

It’s important to do that when you use glitter flakes on natural nails Or else, they will be stick out and it won’t be pleasant. Then finally I use a very thick top coat to cover my design. Here is it! I hope you enjoyed this video. If you try to do this nail art, feel free to share it. Check out my other nail art tutorials and subscribe for new ones every week! .

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