One Stroke Butterflies on Marbleized Acrylic Nail Design Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Posted on January 23, 2017 By

We’re going to do some one-stroke butterflies on this nail so I’m just going to do a basic marble underneath. So, going into an iridescent glitter, then into a lilac and then into a pink. Don’t forget when you’re doing your marbling try not to brush the acrylic too much as it’ll just merge the colours together. Then we’re going to cap this whole nail in pink acrylic. Let that nail set and then it’ll be ready to pinch. Place your pinching tool on, leave it there for a few seconds. You can pinch your free edge together just using your fingers. Then pop your pinching tool back on and leave it there for a few minutes. Take your pinching tool off, release your form, then this nail is ready for filing.

Smooth the surface out ready for your one-stroke. Get rid of your dust and then that nail’s ready for your one-stroke painting. We’re doing a one-stroke butterfly so we’re going to go into our purple and then a little bit of white And the top petal we’re going to do in purple and white. The bottom petal we’re going to do in pink and white. Then we’re going to move onto our highlighting and outlining with our black. Just remember to add a little bit of water to your black to do this. Start off with the body and then start to outline your wings. Where you’ve got your thicker areas of black apply a few little white dots. And then that nail’s ready for a gel top coat; just wait for your paint to dry a little bit. Then you can put that nail into the lamp for two minutes. Finish your nail off by little bit of cuticle oil and massage it in, And that’s a one-stroke butterfly done.


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Beautifully manicured painted nails in no time

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