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Ombre beach nails with watermarble splashes and crabby

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Hi! It’s Lena and today we are going to do an adorable beach mani with a little crabby. All the products that I’m going to use will be listed down below so check them out if needed. Let’s start with already painted nails in blue. You can use a fast dry top coat to get started faster. Apply the liquid nail tape ‘Liquid Palisade’ to your cuticles and skin around the nail for easy clean up after the ombre. Apply strips of three fresh nail polishes, blue, white and nude, on a latex free makeup sponge, making sure that the colors overlap each other. You need to apply several layers of nail polish in the beginning so there will have enough of it inside of sponge. Lightly push the sponge to the completely dry nail and squeeze the nail polish out of the sponge and start dabbing back and forth from the root of your nail to the tip to create the ombre design.

Wait for the nail polish to completely dry on your nail and then repeat the previous steps 1 or 2 times until you get nice opaque colors in your ombre. For the best ombre results, make sure your polishes are fresh and highly pigmented. Add several drops of fresh white nail polish to a glass of room temperature water. You can use a Q-tip in the beginning to help the nail polish to spread out on the water. Hold a hair spray bottle close to the water and shoot a light quick spray on the white polish.

Dip your finger into the water in the place with a pattern you like the best. Use a Q-tip to remove any nail polish from the surface of water and remove your finger from the water. Remove the liquid nail tape using nippers or tweezers, then get an angled brush and dip it in pure acetone or nail polish remover and clean up your cuticles and skin around the nail. Add a little bit of top coat on the nail to create sticky surface and lightly apply some glitter powder using a brush. Apply a generous amount of top coat and add some studs while the top coat is still wet.

You can use a wax pencil for easy application of the studs. You might need to apply top coat over the studs if you want them to stay on your nails longer. And here’s our ready to go beach with a light surf! Now, let’s move on to creating our little crabby. Put red acrylic paint on a plastic card or bag and dip dotting tool in it Create a large red circle on your nail with two smaller ones on the sides a little above. These will become our cute crabby body and two claws. You can use regular nail polishes to draw your crabby but acrylic paints are easier to build work with and they don’t dry too fast. Also, the sneakiest trick is that if you mess up, you can always use a Q-tip dipped in the water to clean up and start over. Using a detail brush (I’m using a Pure Color #10 detail brush) join the small circles with the large one and add crab feet to the bottom of the large circle. Using the tiny tip of Pure Color 7 watermarble tool, dig holes in the small circles to create your crabby claws.

For eyes, add two white circles in the middle of our crabby body using the detail brush or perhaps a small dotting tool dipped in white acrylic paint. Using the tiny tip of the watermarble tool, add black dots in the middle of the white dots to finish off these adorable eyes Protect your design by applying a generous amount of top coat after the acrylic paint has dried And we are done!!

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