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Nail Art Tutorial combining Mylar and Netting

Posted on January 21, 2017 By

I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio nails. in this video I’m going to show you how to do design using coloured netting and colored mylar so I’ve already prepped this nail I’ve already put a tip on nice clear tip and also dehydrated and primed, what I’m gonna do now is i’m going to use natural beige, this is a little tiny nails we don’t need massive bead.

I’m going to blend this out down the nail at bit of an angle, at an assemetric angle, we still want this part here to be clear you see . then we want the color to be on the rest of the nail. I’m going to do the cuticle area now I didn’t bleed out that bead didn’t need to bleed the back of my brush out. make sure it’s nice and smooth nice and flat, you want a chunky nail, Pink netting, pink mylar and cut a bit of this netting up, i’m just going to see how much I need to actually cut, it won’t be tremendous amount Just gonna cut that off. I’m just gonna attach this to the nail with clear Acrylic Quite wet Nice and thin press in with your fingers. bit more clear acrylic, help it stick down using the side which tweezers to help Press that in, what we’re going to do with the mylar now is run it along this edge we’re gonna get a little bead you go straight into the pot to pick up some of mylar, and run it along the edge this doesn’t need to be really neat, it just needs to make sure it’s on that join, press that flat with a stock end of my brush because it’s a lot firmer buy the stock and I mean this part down here now going to encapsulate this with clear acrylic the pop the pinching tool onto that now let that set, just gonna wazz over with with your electric File going to file the nail into shape now moreover to make that now not smooth I’m just going to walk over that nail with some pure acetone which will just smooth out that nail even more, gonna top coat with mega gloss pop into the lamp we’re gonna finish this nail with some cuticle oil and you can see why i left the nail transparent on the netting you’ve got that cool dimension you’ve got the sparkle of the Mylar, super easy easy peasy lemon squeezy so that’s a simple easy design you can do in the salon using netting and mylar all the products we’ve used today in the video are in the description box below don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to like our social media sites like Instagram and Facebook see you next time bye

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