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Nail art tutorial : blue feathers design

Posted on January 20, 2017 By

Hello! Today, I’m gonna show you a tutorial for making feathers in Nail Art . This is similar to the multiple-layers effect in nail art design. It is quick and easy. Hope you’ll like this tutorial. Once I’ve applied a first coat of top coat, I let it dry. Then I apply another very thick coat. It should be a very thick coat. That’s important, otherwise you won’t be able to make the design. As you can see, I apply one more coat. It should be very thick. Choose a white nail polish, one that’s not too liquid otherwise it will spread and leave spots.

Then I make some small dots as you can see. Do not fill the brush with too much of nail polish otherwise you will apply to much of it and it will be horrible. Then I take my needle and I trace a line in between to separate everything and to make the feathers design. Here is it! It’s that quick and simple to do as you can see. I add my rhinestone and apply my top coat. To finish of this design, do not use liquid nail polish or nail polish that’s too thick. You’ll need a top quality nail polish texture. Please subscribe for more tutorial and nail art tips every week! And thanks a lot for your comments and likes! See you again! .

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