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Nail art beginner 3D Gel Vs Resin

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Hello everyone, here’s the nail art I’m going to show you It’s a ribbon that I’ve made with 3D resin I will also show you the difference between gel and resin I have this nail art for one week now The resin holds really well on natural nails First of all, I’ve applied the China Glaze sand effect base which is absolutely divine with its beautiful golden reflections For this nail art, you’ll need resin powder ABC Nailstore and a Tammy Taylor 3D brush very useful for this technique because it’s not too small And finally you’ll need the ABC Nailstore liquid I start by applying a first scoop in the corner of my nail Then I will spread it in an arc shape but you can do whatever shape you want If you apply your resin by pull your brush on the sides then the arc will become larger And if you don’t pull it, you will have an arc with a U shape Then I apply the second scoop on the side then I connect the two arcs and then I squeeze To obtain a beautiful design, make harmonious shapes Don’t try to do it hazardously And for best results, try to make beautiful curves So I keep on doing the same way Squeezing one scoop upwards and one downwards.

I apply the scoops next to each other, so as to connect them together when squeezing them.

You should vary the size of the scoops so that it looks prettier Don’t make them of same size or shape I did not film the whole process but it goes on the same way It takes a lot of time but it is not more complicated than a flower I think that it is easier than making a flower Since you don’t have to match the petals together And here is the final result! Let’s see now the difference with 3D gel This time I’m using a Picture Polish base See how the 3D gel looks like. It’s a very thick gel It looks like darned but isn’t So with a dotting tool, take some of it And then apply it on the nail I apply it in a sausage shape And unlike 3D resin, It is possible to make the ribbon in one step since it does not dry with air but only with the UV lamp Then with my gel brush, instead of working it out the monomer, I use a cleaner, made of alcohol to soften it.

Then I work it out slightly the same way; I squeeze the 3D gel in an upwards direction and then I squeeze the other side downwards.

Working with the gel has some advantages First, it does not smell bad, since it is odorless Ideal for those who hate the resin’s odor. And secondly, it is very easy to work out, no need to hurry, it only dries with UV lamp Thus you can start all over again billions of times If you’ve made a mistake, no worry! You can restart it all over again, infinitely Then according to the brand catalyze it for 2 or 3 minutes under UV lamp Then I remove the grease with alcohol as the gel is slightly sticky And finally, I will beautify the design, whether it’s resin or gel, you can paint it with acrylic paint Notice that it stands out especially on resin as it is not really white So I add some small lines to it to make it prettier.

I personally prefer resin nail art It is more fun to work with I won’t be able to tell you why…

According to me, the resin looks better Tell me in the comments your preference. With what will you be working with Gel or Resin? That’s it! See you next week for a video on pedicure Since it’s time to take our sandals out of the closet. let’s take care of our feet! Bye bye!.

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