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My Little Pony – Acrylic Sculpt and Design – Applejack

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hello it’s me again, it’s me Kirsty from Naio nails. in this video I’m going to show you how to do some more My Little Pony amazing Shizamaniz so I’m gonna do Applejack for you she’s got the little cowgirl Kinda. we gonna start, I have prepped the nail I have dehydrated I’ve primed the nail now we’re going to fit the sculpting form, you haven’t done this for a while so we’re just gonna refresh your memory on this case you haven’t watched that video so we’re going to take a little tab out of the middle and put on the backside of the form, we’re gonna take between the thumbs I’ve still got a little bit of paint on there from yesterday’s video i’m gonna give it a little of roll between the thumbs to create a bit of a curve, then I’m gonna pop it on here now Lauren our model today has got quite a nice natural smile line she’s got a high hyponychium, the hyponychium is the bit of skin the seals the nail bed to the nail plate, It’s the bit that hurts if you catch it yeah so because Lauren has had nails on for many many years hers has grown up even further, what do you say, is that true? yeah so it grows even further now bed is really nice along which i love however fitting a sculpting form makes it a little bit more difficult because you can see that that does not match so what we’re going to do? We’re gonna cut it out, so i’m gonna pop up there and i’m just going to by eye, cut this smileline a little bit more deeper I’ll a lot better can you see i’m going to close the end of this form we’re gonna do a stiletto, make sure it fits from side-to-side nicely make sure it’s nice and secure under that hyponychium and then i’m going to close the rest of the form as long as i know it’s straight just sliding that little bit just making a little bit more straighter and we’re going to go to about number three on this form these forms dead easy to use, they are great for lots of different stuff obviously they great for long nails because they are super super long so I’ve already prepped the nail primer on everything so I’m ready to go with product application, gonna use warm beige today some max adhesion liquid one thing I’ll tell you about the cover pink powders so all these sort of a camouflage cover pink powders they have got a lot of pigment in them, the more pigment they have in them the less malleable they are so they sort of it can be a little bit more difficult to use when the pigment is super high but what you want super high pigment or like an easier flowing product? i’d go for the pigment i’ll show you what i mean i’m making out like it’s really bad it’s not it’s just very slightly different i’m going to pick up a bead now, so let that bounce into a nice shiny bead and then you can start to move this around so it’s going to bring that beat down and I can really control that nice and easy I think that clear is probably the easiest powder to control because its lack of pigment anything with a high pigment in it no matter what brand it is or anything will be hard to control, see now we’ve got a massive coverage there where as I’ve used lots of other products before they are I’ll cover painting but aren’t actually as opaque is this what you’re going to do is let that bead go nice and shiny, let it settle and then start to move it around if you do it too early it will start to stick to your brushing you’ll be convinced that you cannot use that bead, but you can, it’s all about the timing Going in, pick up a bead, place it on, let it do it’s thing, and then you can start to stroke it and press it in to the places that you want it and the shape that you want it i hope of making sense to you people who are watching I understand where you you understand it well God anybody understand you I’ll show you all happen if you do it really so you’ve put a bead on and then you start to try and move it, you wipe it off onto your brush, it’ll go everywhere it’ll be more difficult to control so you gotta let it do its thing let it start to polymerize and then move the bead i’m making sure I’ve got a nice apex in the back third of this nail, as i look at that from the side, i have slight dip here so I’m just gonna rectify that, i’m not picking up a massive bead i’m wiping my brush that’s giving it time to actually polymerize and be ready to be stroked and patted and pressed intoposition and there you have it what we do now is wait for it to set a little bit, i’m gonna put a pinching tool on so i can pinch it nice and narrow and slim because you want that slim sleek stiletto I ‘m just popping the pinching tool on let me pop tart and then adding a little bit of pressure, You alright, Was that a lot a bit of pressure.

No it’s warm, yeah Have a feel of it quick, put your finger on it. wow, i didn;t know. well its chemical reaction so obviously it’s going to be warm, so what happens is you mix the Acrylic powder with the monomer, yeah So that makes you be able to shape it, but then the monomer evaporates to leave a hard, no it polymerizes and Link links chains, Chains start to link then it sets, hard. it doesn;t evaporate. chemistry with Kirsty Meakin It’s doesn;t evaporate, it’s oily. I am so putting this in. I was talking with my mouthful and everything I know but i’ll still put it in. Alright great outtakes. needs must . so filing is now like i always do sidewalls then be cuticle area Make sure these sides are really straight, coming straight down out of the natural nail sidewalls so when I say sidewalls if you don’t know what side waters you need to check the video out that is called nail terminology This side? yeah yeah yeah check that video you’ll learn all about nail terminology, it’s very fun very educational As well, just gonna go over with a white block to smooth out that nail smooth the demarcations i bet they’ve all fast forwarded this bit They are all gonna fast forward straight to the Nail Art, If you have, then whatever but I understand There we are, gorgeous stiletto nail.

Dusty Dusty Dusty. with the dusty brush and then I’m gonna wipe over with acetone just to smooth that nail out even more going to give them all a little wipe now just so they are already gonna work on the thumb first, just gonna change my paper because it’s covered in dust I don’t want to wipe my brush through any dust so put some colours on the palate and they are copper, burnt sienna, brilliant red brilliant yellow and orange yellow i will for a bit of black and white on as well oh we need a green, and need a green, we need a green we’re gonna use brilliant green light ok so I’m going to start by outlining we did basically the same as we’ve done in the other videos slightly different because she’s gotta hat and things like that, we need to take into consideration where the hat is getting so I’m actually going to start with the hat i’m just going to water down this sort of i think it’s called Burnt Sienna and we’re gonna start off by outline in basically planning and mapping where everything is gonna go starting with the hat because i wanted to fit the hat in and i’m gonna do her hair coming down here, See now when I look at that face is not enough room for that face there so I’m going to take this hair lower here and we’ll have more room for the face and the hair a bit higher, i’llshow you a trick, 3D brush and a little bit of a gel residue solution, wipe off solution and put your brush in and you can just dampen it take off the excess and then, look at you just use it like a rubber, it just eraser’s it away and it also keeps the nail nice and clean so now you can see we have more room for the face and I’m going to outline the face let me show what i am ‘UUMMMM’ing at, this needs to be further back, this neck does.

going to use a little tool little tricky to remove that i’m gonna move this hair back even more, gonna rub all that out, this is why it’s so important to sort of map out things so now we have this mapped out we can use the real color that we’re going to use to make this orange a little bit more pale like an orange yellow, gonna put some of that in as well. face and chest and neck, fill that in, gonna do the same with the hat. gonna mix some of that light yellow with that burnt sienna Yee HAA, it’s really pale yellow that we’ve got going to use that for the Mane , don’t forget, i’m not adding any detail now, just adding colour. so we weren’t actually going to do any more My Little Pony’s but everybody’s like a bit bonkers over them and been saying come on, we need more My Little Pony’s Is it Texas that is a bit Cowboy’y, Yes, not just Texas, but Texas is definitely, but because you know I’ve been to America not been to Texas man America is a big place so I’ve been to Los Angeles many times favorite place in the world one of the reasons it’s my favorite place in the world is cause it’s so close to Las Vegas another reason it’s like my favorite places because it’s where Michael Jackson’s from I’m love and Encino because that’s where Michaels from and you know I love Michael, go gonna over the Mane now, so her hair and need, what I forgot to put on, come on what have i forgot to put on.

ear Will put the ear on, it’s a simple shape. before i start adding any more detail they have a cutie spot on their hip and we’re gonna do Applejack’s cutiespot which is an apple, believe it or not we’re gonna put that up here i’m going to do the eye so it’s a big eye, I mean you must be able to see to the end of the years with these eyes They’re that big big old eyes going on here so I’m just going around watching the detail to the hair now, this is quite a nude color of mixed so just go around the eye there from the eyelashes and we are gonna add a black pupil, now we need the green to do her green iris on her eye.

got some shine on this pupil and I definitely think this is what brings it to life just adding that in with some white paint reflection there as well I love it, need to do a hair on the side here i’m just adding a better background am using copper, i’m using it quite watered down because all i want to is that little bit sparkle just adding a little bit of shadow just to make pop out of the background a little bit more, right, gonna let that dry and then i’m going to seal all of that in with mega gloss thats Applejack completely finished gonna pop some cuticle oil on There you are, there’s another my little pony for you, Applejack, hope you enjoyed don’t forget to subscribe to this to cho cho cho cho cho don’t forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel you can do that by pressing below and then also don’t forget to Like us on instagram facebook so we’ll see you next time

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