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Matte quilted nails the EASY DIY WAY

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Holo everyone, what’s up it’s Cristine, and today I have some matte quilted nails for you. cuz… I don’t know why. oh well. Wait a second, some of you did ask to see more matte nails on this channel, but no one asked to see quilted nails…. lol. Did I just say lol… Really….? First I start off like I always do, and apply a peel off base coat, because I don’t know if my first attempt is going to work. Now what boring colors can I use to paint on my nails? I don’t really have a plan yet, so I’m just painting my nail pink *sobbing* like every girl does when she doesn’t have a plan in life…… That pink just dried to a raspberry color….. Weird. I add another coat because I’m not quite sure if I’m colorblind, my camera’s crazy, or I’m just crazy. And now it’s time for simply peel, the condom of nail art! I need her to protect my skin from sem- I mean nail polish, because I’ve decided that I’m gonna do a gradient cuz….I don’t know, don’t question me.

Also, very important news: You need to know that on January 12, Simply Peel, along with a whole bunch of other nail care products will be ON SALE! They only do this twice a year. I put the link below, so don’t forget to mark your calenders for JANUARY 12. Nail stuff, sale, your life is complete. You’re welcome. Look at how such boring colors can look so juicy on a makeup sponge. By the way, did I mention that I got a NEW MACRO LENS for Christmas? I know I’m wasting its magic on creme polish but don’t worry.

It’ll see holo soon. By the way, I always put the links to my camera equiptment down in the video description box ↓BELOW↓ So this is basically just a two-color gradient, obviously, you don’t need to explain this Cristine, but sometimes I feel like I do because I DON’T KNOW the intellectual capacity of some people who watch these videos. BITCH, DAB! look at my dab, BITCH, DAB! look at my dab, BITCH, DAB! Look at my dab [X2] BITCH. I like to do a couple coats, and a bunch of thin layers because it makes the fade between the two colors REAL NICE. Why do I occasionally do a Southern-American accent? I don’t know, it’s just fun okay? Let me talk how I wanna talk, y’all. Then you’re gonna peel off simply peel like no big deal. Okay, I’ll shut up now. And then I moved my hand away for whatever reason, probably to check Instagram, and…….F*** Thank God, I must’ve foreshadowed this moment, and therefore, I thank myself for putting on a peel-off base coat. The most effective way to get it off, though, is to add a quick dry top coat first to this disaster that’s on my nail And let it dry for a couple minutes.

I think I waited for 3-4 minutes because I’m really impatient, and OH…MY GOD. I have found the magical wooden sticks I must have previously been blind at Walmart, but now I no longer have to hack at my nails with metal objects. You can watch my other video on “what’s the best peel off base coat, but I did put the link to the one I’m using down in the video description box, and I also made a second video on peel-off base coats for swatchers, and what I’m doing right here would basically apply because I’m taking this off like, well, before any pictures were taken, but you get the idea.

And yes the nail polish is removing kind of mushily, but that’s expected, because I didn’t let the nail polish dry or the top coat really dry in a meaningful way. And then I redid all of those steps again. But it’s okay, it was meant to be, because we get to see me simply peel like no big deal one more time. If you have a teeny-tiny bit of nail polish left over, just use a clean up brush, I use mine I got from TwinkledT, and you can use my code SIMPLY for 10% off. Cristine, you are especially annoying today. *singing* Sim Simma, who got the keys to my beemer Let me clear something up before everyone goes, “Oooh, holo!” because this is NOT HOLO This is called shimmer.

Do you see magical sparkling rainbows, above an ocean that unicorns are crossing by walking on water? No? Then it’s not holo. I am also sooo unhelpful today. One of these days, I’ll make a video on what holo is, but just trust me when I tell you this is not it. But, it’s still cool. Okay? Sometimes I like things that aren’t holo. I know it’s rare, but it happens.

Ok, where the hell was I going with these nails again? Oh yeah! Quilt nails. So I went to search those on YouTube, and I found this: *french speaking* Obviously French witchcraft, that I can’t do. So then I found this other video by Kelli Marissa aka The Nail Polish Challenge, [Other Video]: my matte top coat. Take my flosser, and I’m just gonna start creating diagonal lines [Cristine]:and I was like, THAT, I can do. So you’re gonna need some dental flosser tool things, these ones are “high performance”, so, they’re gonna do really well. I had to go out and buy these from my local drugstore, because I don’t use these on a daily basis. Once you have your flosser tool ready to go, you’re gonna add that matte top coat on your nail, and watch the shimmer transform. Matte top coat doesn’t do holo justice anyways, but it make shimmer look pretty cool So, that’s why I chose shimmer. Maybe thirty seconds or so after the nail looks like it’s completely matte, you can start taking that flossing tool and put it to actual use. I’m just gonna do a kind of cross hatch design because I’m so original right now.

Now when most people do the flossy quilted tecnique I don’t think they actually press the floss deep down enough that you will see the natural nail exposed, but I did it by accident and then I thought, “You know what, it actually looks pretty cool.” Since the purple part of the nail has pink under it from when I did the gradient, when you press the flosser through, you see the pink peek out. Since it looks fabulous to me, let’s just say I did that accidentally on purpose. Since my nails are super curved at the tips, see this video for more on my sexy C curve, it was a little challenging to kind of wrap this straight edge floss around the sides.

And also near the cuticle. Yeah, I like, stabbed myself more than once in my finger. Let me just tell you that the smallest nail of all, the pinky, was the most challenging to do. I put lots of dents in my skin during this tutorial, but keep going because remember, beauty is pain! And when you’re done putting dents everywhere, you’ve got yourself a royal cushion. At least, that’s what it looks like to me. But, because I’m a holosexual, and I can’t help it, I had to add some holo glitter SOMEWHERE. So I just took some quick dry topcoat, and applied it with a toothpick at the intersections of the quilt and stuck on some holo glitters. cuz you only live once! And BAM! I am a queen. Now where is my palace…. Someone please direct me to my multi-million dollar palace.

I cannot find it. And then I was bored, so I added a glossy topcoat out of sheer curiosity to see what it would look like. It’s pretty cool if you ask me that the 3D effect remained after I glossed it up. But I’ll leave that question up to you guys. What do you think looks better? Matte? Or glossy? And now that I’ve put these flossing things to use my dentist will be so proud. The next time he asks me if I flossed enough, I’ll just say “Well, my nails did!” And then he’ll think I’m insane and tell me to get out of his chair, and I’ll be like “Gladly. Bye, bitch, bye. I hate you!” Okay, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see y’all later BYEEE!!!!!

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These nails are so beautiful

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