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Matte Nail Art Using Various Techniques

Posted on March 1, 2017 By

After preparing the nails, we apply 2 coats of Moyra Fuse No. 45 on the ring and middle finger. Moyra Fuse is a rather thick gel polish, therefore we suggest to apply it with a small gel brush on the nails. And for precise application, use Moyra Nail art brush No. 00 when necessary. We cure the gel for 2 minutes, then we apply Moyra Fuse No. 02 gel polish in two layers. After curing, we apply 2 layers from Fuse No.

02 on the top of No. 45. First, draw the arc with nail art brush No. 00, then switch to gel brush to apply the gel polish on the rest of the nail. For precise application, use No. 00 brush. After curing, we cleanse the nails with Moyra cleanser and lint free paper. Then we apply gel polish base and top coat and sprinkle a fair amount of clear acrylic powder on it. We cure the nail and do the same steps on the thumb. Once the nails are cured, we brush off the excess powder and put the hand back in UV lamp for a couple of seconds. We carefully buff the pinky, ring and middle fingers, because we will stamp on them. We selected this design from plate No. 23 called Vanity. It is important to properly wipe the plate with plate cleaner before use. We apply some white stamping polish on the design, scrape it, pick up the design with a black headed metal stamper and stamp it on the pinky and on the middle finger.

With a small gel brush and acetonfree nail polish remover, we brush off the unneccessary parts from the nail, and we also clean the skin around the nail. Then we cover the nails with gel polish base and top coat. We cure the top coat for 2 minutes. Then we carefully buff the parts of the nails where we stamped. Then we paint small fine tendrills on the pinky with white SuperShine gel and nail art brush No. 00. After that, we repeat the same steps on the middle finger. To make sure the white gel does not start flowing, you should put the hand in UV lamp for a couple of seconds from time to time. We decorate the ring finger with white SuperShine gel, too, and then sprinkle some clear acrylic powder on it. We cure the nail for a couple of seconds, clean off the excess powder, and apply brush-on top gel on the stamped design, which we also cover with acrylic powder.

Finally we cure the nails, brush off the powder and treat the skin with cuticle oil. And our velvet looking nail decoration is ready.

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