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It’s been a while since I did a stamping tutorial so I was playing around with my plates the other day and came up with this emerald peacock design. It’s Super easy to do. From afar it looks like it’s just a shiny green nail polish but up close, it has so much details to look at. lets get on with the tutorial so you can learn to recreate this look on your own nails. As always start with base coat to protect your nails then a layer of a dark green nail polish and Let that dry for a few minutes. We are using the XL Image plate B today available on my website. Today I am using my zoya Goldie nail polish for stamping. The formulae is not as thick as konad stamping polish but it will work fine for this subtle look we’re going for. Apply your stamping polish over the design and scrape off excess polish using the Konad scraper.

Quickly transfer the design using the stamper, check that the image is complete then aim and roll it over the nail. In between stamps, you can use nail polish remover to clean the stamper, scraper and the image plate. Then repeat steps for the remaining nails. You might have noticed that The color looked a bit dull after stamping but later when we apply top coat it will really bring out the color then. Once you’ve got all the nails stamped. Soak a cotton bud in nail polish remover and clean off excess polish around the nail. Now grab a medium sized dotting tool and some blue nail polish. Add in a dot in the center of every pattern you see on the nail.

Then use a smaller dotting tool and add a tiny black dot over the blue dot but closer to the bottom if you can. When it’s all done, it will resemble the peacock feather look. If you have a tear drop shaped rhinestone, apply top coat as adhesive and add it to the bottom of the nail to symbolise the body of the peacock. Once your done, apply top coat to add a layer of shine to the design and to secure the decals.

As found on Youtube

Perfectly shining nails in under 1 minute

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