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How to Make Nail Art : Adding a Beach Scene in Nail Art

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Hi, I’m Judy Franck for Expert Village and we are going to be doing some nail art today. Ok, the next step that we’re doing is we are going to be putting in the beach so we want to make sure we got a little beige on our pallet and little white together make a nice sandy color don?t do it so light that it blends with your water and not too brown that it looks a little muddy.

But try to get a good combination because your going to want to have a little contrast between that beige and white so you can see I have a little blue in there still I have to clean the brush a little better. The brush has to be clean at this point cause if you have a little blue mixed with your sand its not going to look good. So go ahead and get the beach color ready to go and what your going to do is kind of dryer side and you want a dry brush and put this on an angle cause think of the whole 5 nails as one scene, so you want the beach to kind of wrap around so you don?t want it to have the same angle so make sure you think of that when your doing this so it has more realistic so that it has more a story to it.

If you want to call it that. I like to try to incorporate that and how I lay things out here and you may have to do 2 layers of this beige so your blue doesn’t show through. Its better to do two thin layers than one thick one where it doesn’t come through at all .Lets see there is a blue coming through its a little on the thin side I think on this side your going to go a head and scoop that around and your going to need room for your waves cause if you do not leave room for your waves you kind of miss the point, that looks really nice when you have a little water coming up on the beach.

So keep mixing here and I can tell I’m going to need a second coat or I’m going to have to put more waves on the water here, so lets see go back on that first hand and quickly just a little dry brush almost to it that?s looking pretty good this moves along pretty fast when you have all ten nails if you do one at a time it would actually take you longer cause you have to wait for every layer to dry.

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