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How to: Lace Nail Art Using HeHe Fairy Tale 2 Nail Stamping

Posted on December 28, 2016 By

hi everyone this is swanette from nailstamp4fun today I am going to show you how to create this manicure and I hope you enjoy the video first apply China Glaze metropolitan to all my nails and I let that dry completely next will be stamping with the hehe + fairy tale plate number two I will be stamping two lace images this first area I’ll be stamping using B.lovesplate be a juicy tangerine and this other area I will I will be stamping with MdU white I will be using two stampers pueens crystal stamper and and messy mansion extra large crystal stamper let’s begin before I begin I am going to apply Bundle Monster poli-peel cuticle protector and we start stamping apply polish on the plate we gently swip pick up stamp the image on your nails next I apply topcoat in between my Stampin this is optional and now we let our nails dry next we stamp this beautiful lace pattern using the white stamping polish apply the polish on the plate gently swipe using their crystal stamper i will try to position the image on the side of the nail and I stamp on once I finish stamping I like to clean up and I use a small brush and some nail polish remover and finally you apply your favorite top coat and here’s the final result I hope you enjoyed this manicure remember that you can use any color combination and it’s going to look gorgeous I hope you have a wonderful day please take care and happy stamping bye

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Beautiful nail stamping polishing done in 1 minute

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