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How to Cure Yellow and Unsightly Toenails in One Easy Treatment

Posted on November 25, 2017 By

There are many people these days suffering from a quite embarrassing ailment related to the feet in particular. When nails are infected probably the best thing to accomplish would be to book an appointment for the Long Island Pinpointe laser toenail treatment. Long Island Pinpointe laser treatment is extremely easy and convenient and is available to lots of people.

The causes of nail infection are extensive. Mostly it is hot and humid conditions similar to those that are found in tropical countries, but this doesn’t have always to be the cause.

Most men wear man made fiber socks and covered shoes all day at work which can extend to the evening. This is an ideal breeding ground for the fungus. Even athletic shoes or trainers can hold in the body’s natural sweat and this makes a perfect condition for the foot fungus to invade the nail.

Many people will have yellowish nails that are thick and horny and look absolutely horrible. They will not be able to wear open toed shoes or go barefoot because of the shame of how the foot looks with these little monsters at the end of the toes.

Ladies, in particular, will never be able to wear nail polish or may feel too embarrassed to obtain a pedicure and it can affect their social life to some extent.

Even swimming is really a problem with most people and many public or hotel swimming pools would frown upon anyone using the pool with infected nails.

What causes the discoloration and thickened look to the nails is a very common fungus that embeds itself under the nail. The consequences are, that once under the nail, the fungus is very hard to reach and most topical medications will not work.

Even if the medications work it really is sometimes toxic to the body’s organs and can cause problems later in life. This kind of medication also takes a while to work and the sufferer has to tolerate the discoloration over an extended time period until it heals.

Perhaps the simplest method of curing nail fungus infections is the new light treatment which is now on offer. One half hour session is usually all that is needed to kill off the fungus once and for all. It is generally not painful, perhaps just a warm sensation, and there is no anesthetic to consider.

The light is shone directly through the nail to the nail bed in which the ‘root’ of the fungus is hiding. The light kills it off and the fungus is cleared completely. All the nails, even the uninfected ones, are dealt with since some fungal spores may be lurking there unseen.

To avoid future infections, people are advised to wear only natural fibers next to the skin and to ensure that the feet are perfectly dry after sports or showering. Foot powder, with anti fungal properties, will also be a good idea particularly for those who frequent public use facilities such as health clubs or gymnasiums.

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