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How to Coffin Ballerina shaped Acrylic Nails Design

Posted on February 20, 2017 By

hi guys and welcome back to my channel so today we are just going to be doing this absolutely gorgeous set so if you want to find out how to do it then keep on watching this video so i have already prepped the nails and applied tips and i’m just going to go ahead and cut them down to length obviously you want to be discussing this with a client to make sure that you do get the right length for their lifestyle and their preference and then I’m just going to go ahead and use a hand file to shape the nail to the desired shape and don’t forget to follow me on instagram guys I will all of it if you can do that it would be freaking awesome so you do want to take care when shaping your tips if that is the method using because that’s going to be the base for your acrylic and if you don’t shape them they’re really now then you just need more filing later on so once i finish shaping the nails I then continue to finish prep work and now i am coming in with some clear acrylic the acrylic that i am using in this video is the NSI totally clear and i also use their liquid as well and I’m just building the nail up use in that because we’re going to be applying a gel polish later on in the video and the brush i am using i will leave the link down below as always so don’t forget to go and check that out if you’re wondering where i have got the brush from and i am looking to buy another acrylic brush very soon so if you guys can recommend one then please let me know down below and I will go and check it out I just go ahead and continue to apply the acrylic and build the nails on all ten nails and guys just whilst I’m doing this and nothing else is really going on in the video i just want to take the chance to say thank you so much for supporting me and just being there through the growth of my channel I mean i know my channel is not absolutely massive but it really is like one of my babies and you guys are like part of my family like you my YouTube fam for LIFE like seriously i just can not thank you enough just for being so amazing and just give me the encouragement and support and just everything I really don’t know how to thank you apart from by saying thank you but if I could send you all something that would be freaking amazing I don’t think that’s possible unless I win the lottery which I totally would do by the way just so you know once I’ve finished applying all the acrylic I come in with my e file and it just come in with this smooth top ceramic bit which is from todac USA and just making the cuticles flush and basically shaping them but only a little bit because I do like to come in with the hand file and do it that way when i finish filing I’m coming in with this beautiful pink new gel polish from blue sky and it is from a company called gel nails UK so I will leave that link down below a can go and purchase even the individual colors or I think it comes in a set of four or five and there are the nude ranges that absolutely stunning like every single one of them so i yea the link for that will be down below i am going to go ahead and apply three coats of this colour is because it was very sheer I mean after the second coat it definitely did cover more but I felt just like insurance I would pop on a third court why the hell not so between coats you want to make sure that you are curing for the recommended amount of time and also removing any polish that may get on the skin or flood the cuticles and can you guys believe that I actually got into I am freedom top 30 for their competition like the makeup competition i mean i might be totally out of it by now or might have got through to the second round just depending when this video goes up but seriously freaking amazing actually cannot believe it so I’m gonna be counting on you guys to vote for me it doesn’t cost anything I think you just have to do it through their Instagram or things like that but i’m not too sure but when I do find out you guys will know about it okay so hopefully you can help me through that next I’m going ahead and into the tacky layer of the gel polish i’m just going to go ahead and apply some glitter the glitter that i’m applying is opal shimmer from NSI it’s such a fine beautiful iridescent glitter like honestly it’s like fairy dust absolutely gorgeous i mean seriously baby I could have a bath in that like literally Oh imagine like your full body just covered in glitter speaking of that does anybody like Twilight I mean like Edward is so glittery its so freaking awesome like yah totally need that in my life once I finished applying the glitter I come in with a top coat and seal everything in and cure for 30 seconds in the LED light let’s go ahead and scooped in a 3d bow on the ring finger and i’m using NSI radiant white acrylic i’m pretty sure it’s that one anyway but you can just use any regular white acrylic that you have and yes I’m pretty much just making a bow not nothing more to it just making the bow making the bow if you guys want a more detailed video just like specifically on how to make the bow how long to weigh like little bits like that then i will do a completely separate one just showing you how to make them in more detail I mean it’s pretty darn easy and straight forward but sometimes it’s nice to be able to follow something step by step I mean that’s how i learn anyway and I’m so much better actually seen things and learning than somebody telling me and if you do both even better I mean full marks for You anyway guys so then we applied some lovely NSI CUTICLE oil and this is the final results so i really hope that you enjoyed this video and like the final result I think it was absolutely stunning and literally anything but it could pull this off like anybody and don’t forget to check those gels out in the description box I mean y’all need them in your life okay mmm thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video Bye

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