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Holographic cat nails with vinyls – SO EASY MEOW

Posted on February 2, 2017 By

Finally, the time has come, where I put cats on my nails. Maybe you thought I was gonna freehand some cat faces on my nails. You would’ve been wrong. Do you want 18 cat head silhouettes on your nails? Well now you too can have them. With these cat nail vinyls (YAS) from Twinkled T. !!!BUT FIRST!!! pAy Ur ReSpEcTs to the HOLO This is none other than Color Club’s classic “Harp On It” silver linear HOLO. oh YEaH gURL imma HaRp oN U It’s a very strong token silver HOLO that everyone needs in their collection. You can find it on, “Menchie’s Favorite Nail Polishes Page.” Yeah, that’s right did you guys know my cat has her favorite nail polishes all on one website. (holo of course) She’s very special. So aside from the holo, for this relatively simple look I used a bright neon pink and a black nail polish.

First lets apply the hOLO on the nail. (im wet) oH mY gAwD So silky smooth. Look at that flawless application. That’s just ONE COAT, guys. OnE cOaT H0L0 WonDeRrRrR Now personally, I believe, that one coat wonders can only be wonders, if they’re Holo. Look at that RaInBoW action guys. Add a quick-dry topcoat cause we’re gonna add nail vinyls next. oh my GAWD. How many times have I said that sentence, guys? I say it so often that when people call me me on the phone, that’s what I tell them instead of hello. When you’re done, take a few minutes out of your busy and stressful day to stare at your holographic nails.

Here’s a scientific fact for you, the rainbow pigments in holographic nail polish have been proven to improve one’s overall mood, and general sense of well being. Empirical evidence brought to you by SimplyNailogical™. SiMpLy pEeL You’ve come back to your motha. g00d girl You know where your place is in this life. It’s on my fingers. I know you guys have been commenting that you miss sIMPLY PEEL. And she hasn’t starred in a tutorial for almost 4 or 5 videos now. She’s acting up a little bit cause she’s a little annoyed. That I’ve been ignoring her. Your behavior is excused today, mIssY Screw YOU Simply Peel I got cAt NaiL ViNyLs Look at them, they’res so many cats. on StIcKeRs I got them from Twinkled T.

Cause where else do I get my nail vinyls? If your cat heads are stubborn and they stick in your vinyl. Just simply stick it on the backside of the vinyl sheet and then they’ll come off. Place the vinyl down on the nail and then use some scissors to cut around the edges to make it a little easier to peel off. And you can see, I still don’t have the right scissors. nOPE LAZINESS Now we’re gonna do a weird ass gradient. That I don’t think I’ve ever done before. Kinda like checkers. Except pink and black. So it’s way more interesting. Than a game of CHECKERS. Were you a checker player when you were a kid or were you a chess player? Oh I see how it is. You were a checker player who pretended you played chess like the smart kid (me). wErEn’T yOu So the trick with this kind of gradient is to not blend it everywhere up and down and side to side like you may do with a normal gradient.

Blend it all around and mush it all together that it would end up looking like whatever color black and pink make. What is that like BrOwN I don’t know Whatever it is, its UgLy So be careful to only dab straight down on your nail. When I was doing the very sides of my nail, sense my nails are really curved, I was just using one of the far edges of the sponge. Peel up the nail vinyl carefully, To reveal dem kittehs. (I’m not a scemo from the 2005 MySpace era I promise. MeOw Meow MEOWMEOWMEWO MEOWMEOWMEOWMEMEWMOEOWMEO FUCK TOO MANY MEOWS Peel off Simply Peel like no big deal, Simply Peel you have faILED ME TODAY What’s your problem? ya littLE BITCH Lets put different nail vinyls on my other nails.

Cause today I’m on CRACK YAY! I cant focus. These er SwIrLy and FuN I got these little swirls from Twinkled T too. Obviously. Thought it would be cool to put more of these swirls on my nails. Becausee… Do I really need a reason? Do I seriously need a reason? To tell you why I decide to put things on my nails? Do I No Didn’t think so. Take your beautiful piece of art and cut it off the sponge. So you can make another beautiful piece of art. You don’t have to do this if your sponge is still wet and you’re moving from nail to nail.

But because I take a lot of time like, horsing around with my cats in between filming each nail, It dried up the sponge so I had to cut it To make a fresh sponge For the next one that I filmed. Which is this one. These tutorials are really misleading, ok? They make you think that we did all this nail art in 5 or 6 minutes. Its LIES I tell you It’s all LIES We spent HOURS HOURS Of AgOnY For 5 minutes of your pleasure. Do as many coats as you need to do. Now have some fun peeling up the lil’ swirl guys. YyYyYyYAaAaAaYyYyYy AAGHH My GAWD I hate when that happens. GOD we almost had a disaster there. As I mentioned, I always wear a peel off base coat. So that’s what happened. Peel off sIMPLY PEEL LIKE No big deal. Yeah, you get back there you lil’ FUCKER Now, here I have like a defected peel cause I obviously failed to press the vinyl down completely.

So I can kinda fix that by taking a clean-up brush that I got from Twinkled T as well dip it in a tiny bit of acetone, Drain out excess acetone on a paper towel, and very very gently just pick up the extra pink. Or whatever color. If you have any extra nail polish around your nail at all, then you can just use the same brush with acetone to clean it up. Did you guys know that I never do the nail art you see on my other hand? Yeah This is why. My other hand is my trusted working hand. And you never see it, because it’s always working. Cut the sponge again. Because it’s really satisfying. And then you can line up all your pieces of satisfaction, and stare at them for a little while. Oh yeah I’m going to the race. Who’s ready? Race ya to the HOLO. My fingers are DANCINNNN There are dancing cats on my fingers. Don’t forget. Throw on a glossy topcoat. To make your whole mani SHINE and look awesome. And I am officially a crazy cat lady.

If you didn’t know that already, from the pajamas I choose to wear to bed. And after work. Starting at 5 pm. And there ya have it. This was officially the easiest way to put cats on your nails. You’re welcome. Now, if you’l excuse me, I gotta go find some sunshine See ya later bye!

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