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Halloween Nail Art Designs – Black Cats Nails Tutorial

Posted on February 9, 2017 By

To get this Halloween nail art with black cats and cat scratches I started by painting my nails purple and white. On the thumb nail using black acrylic paint and a nail art brush I painted a half circle from the tip of the nail making sure it was big enough to fit the cats eyes and nose on then going from the middle of the cat I painted on the tail so it looks like its coming from behind and then on each side of the cat head Im adding triangles for the cats ears If you want your cat to look cute you can add smaller pink triangles inside of the black triangles But Im leaving my black for this halloween nail art design Then using my medium sized dotting tool I gave the cat eyes I’m using acrylic paint to do this whole design that you can use nail polish and using the smaller end of the dotting tool I added the pupils and then using a bit pink nail polish I’m gonna give the cat a little nose on my next nail I’m using my dotting tool to make cat paws for this nail design I have done the paw print at the bottom corner of my nail seeing as this is a Halloween nail art design Ive used red nail polish and a nail art brush to create scratches on my middle finger I’m doing another cat and I’m starting at the top of my nail and drawing a half moon shape this is gonna be the cats face and ears then I did a thin line for the cats neck and then starting at the bottom of the nail I painted on the cats body then I finished the cat by giving him a curly tail this is my finished Halloween nail art design with black cats and scratches I hope you like it!

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