Glitter Gradient & Black Lace How-to Japanese Nail Art [English Subs] ラメグラデーションと黒レースネイル

Posted on January 5, 2017 By

Glitter Gradient and Black Lace Design! First, apply base coat Using silver glitter, let’s begin with the gradient design! Using an aluminium foil, mix the glitter and clear gel together The main points when creating a gradient design are.. First, focus on the centre of the nail Start applying the glitter from the top, this is where you want it most visible Apply it by gently brushing it towards the top of the nails to spread the glitter Build up the glitter by applying it over and over again to create the gradiation After this, we’ll create our black laces design! For the nails we’ll draw our black laces design, apply a layer of top coat If you draw the laces on top of the glitter gradient, the glitter will cause a rough surface.. So the top coat will prevent this, instead it will help to smooth the surface Using black and a thin brush, let’s create our laces! Leave a paper of the image by your side so it will be easier to follow the design To the rest of the glitter gradient nails, apply a gemstone! Lastly, apply top coat and we’re finished!

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