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French White Acrylic Nail with Reverse Cover Pink Tutorial

Posted on January 11, 2017 By

For this nail, we are going to do a reverse application using a cover pink and then we are going to do a French nail. So, you’re going to pick your cover pink up, remembering when we’re using cover pink to take that liquid out the back of the bead. Place the bead on with your brush in a reverse method. Take the liquid out of that brush so that you’re not adding too much liquid to that bead. Using the tip of your brush, blend it over to one side, blend it over to the other. Can you see how the angle of my brush is? It is quite flat.

It’s as flat as you can get it. Blend it down. Then you can bring your brush angle back to normal. Use the belly of your brush to pad it down and then the side of your brush to tidy your smile line up. And again, it’s a sweeping motion, it’s not poking, it’s sweeping. Your next bead of cover pink you don’t take the liquid out so that it’s a nice blending bead. Still take the liquid out your brush though. Brush angle little bit higher so that it gets behind that cover pink, so that you don’t end up with this big thick rim at the back.

Now we’re gonna put the white on. Get the liquid out the back. Place the bead on, take the liquid out of your brush. Brush angle nice and flat, and you can see I’m tilting my client’s finger so that that brush angle stays nice and flat and I’m not lifting it up trying to get round the corner. Pull it back slightly, belly of your brush to pad it down. Check that your white has not gone over at any point, if it has just sweep it away with the tip of your brush. Into your pink – this is your stress point. Make sure all that brush goes behind that bead and pulls forward.

And then again back down to your zone three. I do always tilt my client’s nail down slightly as well because I find it easier to get my brush behind the bead. We’re going to let this nail set, we’re going to pinch it, file it, gel top-coat it and then it’ll be done.

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