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French Manicure Tips That Are Really Handy To Have And Use For Beautiful Nails

Posted on July 21, 2018 By

The French manicure is undeniably popular.

The History of the ManicureThis could be the versatility provided by the French manicure.

As this permits you to have hands that look beautify groomed and nails which are polished to a gloss.

And without having to worry about choosing a colour, this also removes the worry of choosing the incorrect colour, and only finding out that you don’t enjoy it when it has dried, and you have no the embarrassing task of asking the manicurist if you can have the colour changed, so I would say that this is actually the beauty of having a French Manicure.

One of the great things about the French manicure is that it shows fewer imperfections and fewer chips that the coloured manicure.

Also, the fact that I don’t have to worry at all about the colour of the polish and whether or not it will go with the outfit that I have chosen to wear.

Now, if I have sold for you the art of the great French manicures, I now must say that it’s not that simple to do yourself, but!!!! If I don’t have much time and need to hurry, like myself at times, I just give my hands and nails a soak, clean under the nails and dry thoroughly, and using a white (nail) make up pencil draw it under the nails from edge to edge, this will make the tips of my nails white, then I can apply a clear polish.

This is just not as affective as a French manicure but believe me it can act as a quick fix job.
But after i have more time to spend on myself I bring out my little home kit that I have put together for this purpose, believe me, this is not the same as going to your own local salon and getting the proper pamper but nonetheless, it’s a treat.

Firstly my hands are soaked for about 5 mins then I scrub them well by having an exfoliating scrub.
Then I will trim and shape the nails.
Next my handiest little tool is really a 3 way buffer,

(I love this tool, and you can even use it on the toe nails, and they can look brilliant too, you can buy this in most chemists, super stores and beauty shops)

When using this, there will be a bit of dust, but nothing to worry about, you use the rougher side first, then the smoother and lastly the smooth, this is the one that does the key, you end up with the highest of shines and the smoothest nails that you could ever wish for.
Now you can apply polish if you prefer, you can buy strip tapes to use as a guide when applying the white polish, but I can never get it right and end up with smudge’s but you could use a thin brush, a make up brush maybe!!

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