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Finger Nail Health – What Your Fingers Are Telling You

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Are your fingernails letting you down? Judging by the ever growing market for false acrylic nails, it would seem that lots of people prefer to hide their nails. Amazingly, the condition of your fingernails can reveal a clear picture of your general physical and mental health.

Beau’s lines

Horizontal indentations in the nails which travel all the way across can indicate diabetes or malnutrition amongst other activities. The lines can also be the result of any sort of accident or a previous illness where there was obviously a high fever. Some find that the lines simply disappear as the nail grows, while others will have to wait till the nail grows out completely.

Clubbing of the fingertips and nails

Some conditions such as issues with the liver, heart, lungs or bowels can cause fingertips to grow wider and the nails to curve around them. Named ‘clubbing’ this condition indicates that a medical check-up should be considered.

Discoloured Nails

While most people understand that some yellowing of the nails could be caused by cigarette smoking (yet another reason to prevent smoking), discolouring can be the result of various medical conditions such as chronic bronchitis, specially when taken in conjunction with other symptoms.

Some respiratory conditions are indicated by all the fingernails being a dull yellow. Often thicker than normal, the nails have a tendency to grow really slowly.

Fungal infections or lymphedema (swelling of the hands) could also be the culprit. Nails can take on a variety of colours which range from red and black due to blood under the nails, to a greenish tinge or even white spots. A doctor’s opinion should be sought for any long-term discolouration.

Pitted Nails

Fingernails that have small indentations tend to plague people who are afflicted by psoriasis or dermatitis. Alternately pitting, taken together with hair loss, could indicate alopecia areata, a condition caused by malfunctioning of the autoimmune system.

Dirty Nails

Nails that constantly have a thick layer of dirt under them show the world that the person to whom they belong really does not have any respect for themselves. In general, dirty nails of this sort are seen within the person who is careless about the look of them and health. Because of this, this may also be an indication of depression and low self esteem.

Nail biting and picking

Often shown by nails that are very short, the nail biting and picking habits generally starts in childhood and can often be linked to worry or insecurity. There are a whole range of products available across the counter which claim to help in ending nail biting. Most of such are based upon a nasty tasting liquid which is applied to the nails.

Good hypnotherapy, though, is probably the easiest and many effective treatment for nail biting and picking. Picking the nails can cause long term trauma, weakening the nails and making them soft and easier to tear and flake. Often the picker will be unaware they are doing it. Wearing gloves, when possible, makes indulging in this habit harder. Many people grow out of these habits as they reach adulthood, however some cannot manage to do so.

When entrenched, both habits can be unresponsive to both will and desire and in this case external help is usually required. Professional advanced hypnotherapy can effectively and rapidly remedy both of these habits.


In appearance onycholysis looks as though the nails, that are opaque, are detaching from the nail.

The nails will easily catch on material or other objects. Instigated by injury, infection, thyroid issues or reactions to medication, nail products or even by nails being left to grow too long, this disorder tends to be painless, but should be examined by a doctor to ascertain any treatment needed.

Spoon nails

This unsightly condition is where the nails grow within a concave manner and the sides look like away from the fingertips. It could be caused by an iron deficiency. When accompanied by general tiredness, spoon-shaped nails can indicate anaemia. On a lighter note, spoon nails could be the result of a deformity due to injury and can grow out in time.

Split Nails

Split fingernails can be prevented by regular use of moisturiser and usage of rubber gloves when doing washing or using chemicals. Nail polish remover can cause split nails, it is therefore advisable to use it no more than once per week.

Terry’s Nails

Nails that have a pearlescent opaque appearance, often combined with a darker area between this as well as the white tips are known as Terry’s Nails. Some health issues can be the cause such as heart and liver problems, however the condition can also be caused by malnutrition or simply old age.

Vertical ridges

Narrow ridges running vertically from the cuticle towards the tip of the nail may indicate a mild dietary deficiency although this can also can be the result of hereditary factors.

By paying attention to the condition of your nails and what they are trying to inform you, you can help ensure a long and healthy journey through life.

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