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Hi Everyone, today’s tutorial is a stamping design I Started off thinking I wanted to do a lace design but when it came out, it looked kind feathery and reminded me of the little red robin bird You only need 3 colors to do this design and you can change the background colour to match your outfit Let me know What colors you would use to recreate this design? As always start with base coat to protect your nails For the base color, I applied a gradient color using the sponge technique. Apply 2 color of your choice onto the sponge Then dab the sponge onto the nail to distribute the colors into a gradient effect I find that the sponge with bigger holes works better because it traps more nail polish But this technique will work with any kind of sponge.

Even the disposable cosmetic ones It can get a bit messy so to clean up around the edges, soak a cotton bud in polish remover and remove the excess polish around the cuticles This particular gradient nail color also looks very Vampy. So if you’re a trueblood or vampire diaries fan. Let me know and give this design a try Next for the stamping part, apply special polish over the design, I’m using image plate A51 available from my website Scrap off excess polish using the scraper and transfer the image using the konad stamper Check that the image is complete then aim and roll it over the nail.

You don’t have to aim to precisely, the print can be a little tilted In between stamps, you can clean the image plate, stamper and scraper with nail polish remover Then repeat steps for the remaining nails if you like this image plate, I also used it previously in my camo nail design. You can find the link to that video in the description box below Once all your nails are stamped.

Grab a small dotting tool and add lines of dots down the nail following each point from the printed design If your design is a little tilted, then make sure the dots follow that line to be consistent If you need to clean up anymore prints from the nail, do that with nail polish remover then finish with top coat to protect your manicure for a lasting finish If you liked this, please rate it share it and add it to your favourite. Please subscribe for updates, Please keep it tuned in here for more nail art inspirations and thanks.

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