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Extreme Crazy Nail Art Designs #1 | X-Crazy Sand Nails

Posted on December 24, 2016 By

Start by warming up your clay So you can use polymer clay or Fimo Both work fine Then you wanna flatten up your clay and create small circles then you are going to press them down a little bit and shape them into sea shells repeat the same steps to create more sea shells As for the starfishes you wanna flatten up your polymer clay and then cut out some stars don’t forget to press down these starfishes a little bit to flatten them up so we got some sea shells, some starfishes and some rocks I made the rocks by creating small balls out of the polymer clay As for the Nail Art Design you wanna apply 2 coats of blue nail polish and you wanna create this upsidedown french nail art design then you wanna take your detail brush and some white nail pollish and create some waves on your nails then color the rest of your nail with a transparent yellow nail polish Yeah that’s right. We apply some SAND wipe the excess sand off with a random brush and then dry your tips with a nail dryer then randomly apply some orange spots and add some SAND again and don’t forget to wipe the excess Sand off and seal your whole design with a thick coat of top coat now you just wanna adhere your decorations on your nails and make sure the decorations are stuck very well on your nails, otherwise they are gonna come off and we don’t want that not really and this is how it looks like, well it is extremely crazy and I don’t think that you would wear it anywhere outside your home unless you are too daring so then…good job…I like it like it so I hope you goys enjoyed the video and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel leave a big thumbs up and if you want you can add me on my other social media well byeeeeeeeeeeee

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Eye poppin nails done in 60 seconds

Crazy Nail Art

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