Encapsulated Lace Netting Stiletto Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails – Nail Art Genius

Encapsulated Lace Netting Stiletto Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

Posted on December 7, 2016 By

The next nail we’re going to do is an encapsulated lace. I’ve already cut a piece of lace off and I’ve already decided I’m going to use that section there because it’s got quite a nice bit of netting in it. We’re going to start by creating our smile line using our cover pink. Remember to take that bead out the back. Now don’t worry if that cover pink isn’t fully covered because we’re going to put another bead on after we’ve put our netting or lace on. For the next bead I’m go to do a thin layer of our pink, covering the whole free edge. So that we can then get our piece of lace and hold it down. We can then work on our cover pink again and encase the whole nail. We’re going to encase that whole piece of lace now. Still working on those side walls, otherwise it will take too much filing if we don’t. Make sure you check your apex of your nail.

Make sure it’s all nice and smooth. Let that acrylic set a little bit then this nail’s ready to pinch. I’m going to pinch this nail now. Make sure you pinch the free edge then place your pinching tool on to pinch the rest of the nail. We’re going to take this pinching tool off now and release the form. We can cut off the excess lace. Then this nail’s ready for filing. We’re going to finish this nail off with a little bit of hand-painted so we’re going to smooth the surface down with a white block.

Remove your dust. Then this nail’s ready for hand-painting. We’re going to do some very fine detailed black paint work so we’re going to water down the black paint a little bit so that it’s nice and thin. Basically what we’re doing is extending the lace down onto the nail bed area. That nail’s now ready for a gel top coat. Get your client to place that finger into the lamp for two minutes. This nail’s now done. Just to finish it off a little bit of cuticle oil and don’t forget to go underneath when it’s a transparent nail.

And that’s a lace encapsulation done.

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