Encapsulated Butterfly Stiletto Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails – Nail Art Genius

Encapsulated Butterfly Stiletto Acrylic Nail Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

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We’re going to do an encapsulated butterfly on a stiletto. We’ve already applied the form and we’ve already prepped and primed this nail, so if you need to look back on any of these videos, do it now. We’re going to start by just using a little bit of cover pink and the client’s natural free edge. Don’t forget when using your cover pink, take the liquid out of your bead so that the colour stays nice and strong. We’re not really going for a smile line on this nail so you can blend your cover pink towards the end of the nail. Don’t forget your next bead of cover pink, you don’t take the liquid out because we want it to blend over that bead and down towards the client. We’re then going to pick up two colours at the same time, we’re using jade green and purple. Placing it on the nail and starting to make the shape of a butterfly wing. Same again for the bottom wing, two colours on your brush at the same time. I’m going to add a little bit of glitter by picking up a small amount of clear acrylic, dipping it in to our glitter and placing it over the butterfly wings.

We’re now going to cap this whole nail with our pink acrylic and build the free edge up. Remember when you’re doing zone three to tilt your client’s nail down so the acrylic doesn’t run back towards the cuticle. We’re going to let that nail set a little bit and then we’re going to give it a pinch So this nail is now ready to pinch, so we’re concentrating on that stress point first and then we’ll use us fingers to pinch the rest of the tip. Place your pinching tool back on the nail and then you can let go. So this nail is now ready to file so we can take our pinching tool off and release our form. Okay. So we’re going to remove the dust. Take a look at your shape, make sure you’re happy. We’re going to do a bit of hand-painted on this so we’re going to just use a white block to smooth it down.

Get rid of all that dust. So we want our black paint to be nice and fine so make sure you add some water to it and we’re using a nice fine detailer brush. We’re going to outline the butterfly with the back paint Then you’re going to add some more detail with your black paint. And then you need to put your body on to your butterfly. and a little swirl. We’re going to finish this off by adding some white dots on to the thicker black areas. Let your paint dry and then you’re going to apply some gel top coat. You can pop that finger in to the lamp for two minutes. So that nail has now been in the lamp for two minutes.

We’re just going to finish it off with a little diamante so using some brush-on glue, really small amount just tapped on to the nail. Place your diamante on, wait for your nail glue to set and the you can finish this nail off with some cuticle oil.

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