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Easy Hello Kitty Nails (Freehand) | Janelle

Posted on February 13, 2017 By

Hello everyone! It’s Janelle and today’s tutorial is a high requested freehand Hello Kitty nail tutorial. The colors needed for this look are pink, yellow, black, and white. A silver and a silver glitter polish for the accent nail. Dotting tools, a bobby pin, a rounded sewing pin, or haibrush bristle. A black stripper for the whiskers. And a base and top coat. As always, first apply base coat to protect your nails. For the thumb, pointer, and pinky nails, apply hot pink as your base color. With a dotting tool dipped in white, make your flower with five petals. To finish off the flower, add a hot pink center. Apply white nail polish to the middle finger. Dip your dotting tool in black and make two eyes. Clean off the dotting tool, dip it in yellow, and make a yellow nose.

Add a pink dot for the middle of the bow. Add two dots for one side of the bow and then connect the middle. Then just do the same thing on the other side. Now just take a black stripper and add three whiskers on each side of her face. I thought silver would look nice, so I added a silver metallic polish to the ring finger. Then I added the silver chunky glitter polish, from Essie, on top. Let everything dry and then apply a topcoat. And now your Hello Kitty nails are finished! Here’s our original classic Hello Kitty color palette. For a girlier look, switch to light pink and pink glitter. Or instead of pink, pick your favorite color.

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Start to finish nails in under 1 minute

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