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Easy Heart French Tips (Negative Space)

Posted on February 8, 2017 By

Hello everyone! It’s Janelle and today’s tutorial is for negative space heart french tips! For this look I used a white and a white striper or you can just use a thin brush instead of a striper For a subtle bit of sparkle I used glitter polish and rhinestones and I used a long thin brush to apply the glitter My hearts never turn out perfect the first time so I used a synthetic brush and a nail polish remover to clean it up and of course, to start and finish the look I used a base and topcoat First let’s apply base coat to prevent staining and help our manicure last longer Take a white nail polish and with a lightly loaded brush make a french tip across the ends We are going to apply a french tip to all of the nails If your lines aren’t to your liking just dip a clean synthetic brush in remover and lightly smooth it out Wipe off your brush with remover each time so that extra white doesn’t get smudged around the bare areas For the index and pinky I’m applying a thin line of glitter polish with a brush Just a little bit of extra sparkle to keep it from being too plain With a white striping polish I’m marking the middle of my heart then I’m making white curved lines so that the top of the heart is touching the french tip Then make two curved lines on the bottom to complete your heart shape Again I’m fixing my lines with remover and a brush As long as you wipe your brush each time, don’t worry about the base coat layer getting smudged The topcoat step will smooth everything over So once the white parts are dry apply your topcoat Oh yeah! And while that was still wet I applied two little rhinestones Because it’s pretty You can use a dot of nail glue if you want it to stay on longer Ta dahh! Once again here’s the finished look That’s it for this tutorial! Thanks for reading! Hey! If you liked it, please give it a thumbs up! Cuz we have no thumbs! (laughs) Please favorite and share! Bye!

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Professional quality nail art done in 1 minute

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