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Do I Have Nail Fungus?

Posted on December 23, 2016 By

Do I have nail fungus? Do not blame nail fungus if the stink could be blamed on unwashed socks instead. The nails are thick and dull. That could also be due to wearing overly tight shoes or high heels where the big toe is literally squished and scuffed. The nails are already yellow and off-white. OK, that’s a fair symptom you have nail fungus. If the nails are yellow, orange or brown, that’s probably due to the fungus. Assuming they are not bruised or something. If the nails are ragged, you may not be trimming them neatly. But if they are crumbly plus off-colored, you probably have nail fungus. So how do I treat it? Some people get an anti-fungal treatment for their doctor, since it is really hard to get topical creams under the nail, especially the big nail. It is hard for me to even clip them right. Nails with fungus tend to get thicker as a reaction to it, which is a reason you may want a professional to do it, assuming that person did not accidentally give it to you by not sterilizing the tools in between uses.

I do my own pedicures.

If you do not thoroughly sterilize the stuff with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial stuff, you could actually spread it from one nail to another and re-infect yourself. You have to sterilize if not replace your nail gear after you start oral antifungal therapy. What is oral anti-fungal medication? You can talk to a doctor for a prescription antifungal to kill the fungus in the blood stream and attack the nail at the root. Or you could get a topical version and try to get it under the nail. I have a friend using a topical cream for nail fungus. Make sure you do not do your home pedicures together, or you’ll be sharing the infection along with the secrets. Or getting another secret you need to keep. Aside from an anti-fungal treatment for your feet and your nail stuff, I’d say keep the feet dry and clean, thoroughly washing and drying your socks, not wearing shoes that keep your feet from breathing and replace your socks often.

That at least would decrease the smell.

Replacing the shoes that you cannot quite air out is one possible option. And always make sure you fully dry them whether they got wet in a puddle or sopping wet from sweaty feet. How can I tell if this is nail fungus versus an injury like having dropped a heavy item on the toes? If you do not remember if you’ve dropped something heavy on your feet, nail fungus is the least of your problems..

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To nail fungus or not to nail fungus. That is the ????

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