DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #31 – Summer Nail Art – Beach Designs – Nail Art Genius

DIY Cute & Easy Nail Art Designs For Beginners #31 – Summer Nail Art – Beach Designs

Posted on January 6, 2017 By

Hi everyone and welcome back to Lance and G and welcome back to the easy nail art for beginners nail series I have created over 90 cute and easy nail art tutorials are perfect for beginners that are learning how to create nail art and want something simple and elegant for their nails today is to tutorial is going to show you three different waysto create summer beach nails and let’s get into the tutorial step one apply your favorite basecoat and two coats of any polish color you would like step to your going to create a gradient design on your nails you’re going to take a nail sponge and paint a clear coat on top of the sponge and this is going to Applied a gradient design to your nails I’m taking a white and blue polish and dab off on a piece of paper and apply a couple coats your nails step four I’m going to clean up my skin by taking a nail Brush and some acetone and clean up around my nails you’re more than welcome to use a late text barrier instead I preferred without that latex step five going to create waves and beachy details on your nails now I’m going to add some glitter and shine you know I’m obsessed with glitter so I want to had an added some and I’m going to add some peach pearls and glitter to get off that shiny and wavy a fax that sparkle in the sun so this is what the finished manicure looks like this is it has to ever done I don’t know who invented this design first but just adding on the additional details makes it looks and feels like the beach and it I just want to put my fingers in the water and relax.

And have that awesome feeling of summer moving onto manicure number two manicure number two to start manicure number two what you’re going to apply your favorite basecoat and start by creating the water you’re going to apply two coats of any blue polish you would like in the meantime i’m going to take a white polish and take off most the polish off the brush and apply it to the bottom half of the nail tip step two I’m going to create the sandy beach I’m taking Essies cocktails and coconuts i’m going to apply at this color to the bottom of the nail step three add beachy details taking a glitter polish take the excess glitter off the brush and apply it horizontally across the horizontal portion of your nails I’m using millani nail lacquer and gold glitz here’s what the finish manicure looks like you can choose the ad and topcoat which will smooth out the design or you can leave it as a 3-D Texter design which is how I like it and I’ll make you feel like you’re at the beach watching the sunset I hope you enjoy manicure number two let’s move onto manicure number three manicure number three step one paint your nails any color you would like for the accent finger I’m going to start off with and light blue polish I’m using Elsies polish and find me in an oasis now taking a cosmetic sponges are going to rip three chunks of a makeup sponge with a pair of tweezers taking your first sponge song you’re going to different into a dark polish and create a horizontal line in the center of the new line this is going to create depth and our ocean now taking a clean sponge chunk dip it into some white polish and dab it onto the tip of the nail once satisfied with opacity of the polish allow your nails to dry a few minutes and take a tan polish and create the beaded sure along the top of the nail follow up with some waves crashing onto the shore by taking some white polish and a dotting tool and creating some squiggly lines across the beach line step four apply some beachy details I took some brown polish and a toothpick and I created some small details to look like Roxy may want to do footprints or a little fish or a little starfish you can get as creative fee as he would like here’s what the finish manicure looks like and I love how simple this to this manicure looks and how detailed it looks you really can’t mess up this design at all it’s very creative simple and perfect for summer I hope you guys enjoyed this easy nail art for beginners tutorial.

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