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DIY Acrylic Nails Hack! Easy At Home Tutorial!

Posted on February 13, 2017 By

Hey everyone. Welcome back to my channel I’m really excited about today’s video because I’m going to be showing you how to get faux acrylic nails without using any acrylic I’ve been doing this since I was 13 years old I didn’t have any money to get my nails done So I came up with this method and it works really well I’m going to be showing you All the reasons why this is actually better for your nails So i hope you guys enjoy Give it a thumbs up and lets get started First thing I’m going to do is prep my nails And I always like to do this before I’m giving myself a manicure This is something there going to do in the salon For you most of the time Maybe not with a acrylic faux set But with a manicure, they always make your nails look beautiful! So I’m going to do the same thing I know you’ve already got most of the things in this tutorial at home but if you don’t have any clear tips these are about four to six dollars and you’re gonna need them for this extension look I’m gonna be extending the nails so of course we need something fake to put on and this is a really, really fun part for me because it looks super natural the way that I do it now most of the time they’re gonna fit your nail like..

this, a little too big, and its gonna end up looking really thick and chunky that’s one of the things I hate about acrylics I hate this trend of really thick, oversized, acrylics looks so unnatural and I really love a feminine looking hand for me, I like to use something that is a little bit smaller, something that actually looks a little bit smaller than the nail and this ends up making the nail so dainty and beautiful and it goes straight down which is what you want so I’m gonna take a little drop of glue and then put that nail over the top of the glue and press down for 20 seconds until its dry I’m gonna repeat this on all of the nails and one of the best thing you can do is just try on different sizes but make sure that you don’t pressure yourself to use a different size tip for every single nail in my opinion not every finger is massively different in size there for you don’t really need to size up for down every single finger, maybe just the pinky and the thumb Now that you have these crazy, long claws.

You wanna make sure that you trim them right away. Before you start working on your other hand at least. So, you wanna cut them. And, do not cut them slowly like this, it just hurts Make sure that you go in with your scissors and just snap it off really really quick that is the proper way to do it And I always recommend with everything whether you are cutting your hair or your nails, make them a little bit longer that you think you want them because you can always file them down, and of course we are gonna need to shape these bad boys, so you don’t wanna make them too short Now we are gonna start working on the actual acrylic look I’m taking some corn starch and I’m mixing it in with that little bit of clear polish I have on my tray And I am gonna be using a brush to apply this just to the area between the acrylic nail, or the nail tip and my natural nail nail top coat and corn starch wash dull nail files, boom, new files smooth out that tip angle files upwards and focus on that tip shape your nails to whatever you want now base coat time! We want to make sure that everything is really smooth and glossy.

So I’m going to apply one layer, wait for that to dry and then I’m going to apply a second layer but this time its just going to go on the area where my natural nail bed is showing. So not the tip. I’m just for a little bit of extra blending. Now you can choose the nail polish color. You can either do a design or a full on color. You can do what ever you want with this look which is awesome and I used white tips for this tutorial, but I would recommend using clear ones because that’s going to look much better I just want you guys to be able to see what i was doing So I’m going to be applying two coats of nail polish as always. and if you havent seen my how to paint your nails perfectly tutorial, you have to watch that video. I’m going to link it below and its going to change your life.

now im going to wait for these to dry Apply a top coat and there are completely done I am gonna go over some frequently asked questions because there is so many things to know about these nails they are just so much better than acrylics and I have been doing this since I was 13 years old and I came up with this method so you are not going to find it this method anywhere else I am really happy to answer your questions so feel free to leave some below some other things you might be wondering how long do these last…they last about a week sometimes a little bit more like 8-9 days and they dont look bad as they grow because offcourse you dont have any acrylics or plastic on your nails so you just need some nail polish remover and you can take these bad boys off super easily I am gonna list why these are awesome because there are so many different reasons One of the main ones is that you are not buffing your nails down

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