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Cute hearts nail art over a French manicure

Posted on February 4, 2017 By

Hi! Today I will show you a cute nail art that you can wear for a date. I made it over a French manicure so that it doesn’t look too overloaded. With a design of well aligned little hearts so they look like a texture. So let’s have a look! Hope you’ll enjoy it ! I started by doing with a dramatic French manicure.
Then we will need a beveled brush and black acrylic paint. So I dip the brush in the paint. And I put two drops to make up a heart. See how I make it. I press, I drag it and I remove it slowly to have the shape of a drop. So we’ll try to align the little hearts as much as possible to make it beautiful. I add small parts of hearts on my nail So that it looks like a nail art pattern applied on the French manicure. When it’s done, I use a silver liner To mark out the French manicure. Then with some top coat, I apply three rhinestones over the lunula area. One medium-sized rhinestone, surrounded by two small rhinestones. Apply the final top coat and it’s done! Let me know if you tried this nail or enjoyed the tutorial. And don’t forget to share and favorite this blog for more tutorials like this Thanks for all your nice comments and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you have any! See you soon in another tutorial!

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