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Classy ivory lace nail art over chrome flakie base

Posted on December 26, 2016 By

Hey guys! New nail art today, and it’s totally outside of my usual nail art stuffs. But that’s fine, everyone’s gotta try something new once in a while, right? So I was inspired by this Sephora makeup bag I’ve had for a while lying around. And I don’t ever really wear makeup, so it’s kind of useless. I just had to reach for my Fun Lacquer PayDay, which is a chrome flakie, with holo. IT’S SO PRETTY LOOK AT IT It’s like mirrors on crack, after a violent fight with the sun. So you’ve seen me use this creamy weird stuff I’m putting around my finger before.

And you can check this tutorial on my review of all the latex peel off products. This time I’m using Simply Peel, one of my faves. So I apply it around my nail. So back in The Dark Ages of my nail video career, I made a video on glitter polish pay off. It basically showed how to maximize opacity of glitter polish, by applying it onto a makeup sponge that’ll absorb the excess clear jelly, or whatever color the jelly is. And leave behind more glitter, or in this case, flakies. SPONGE ALL THE FLAKIES AND ALL THE GLITTERS!! And then after I’ve done my flakie sponge fest, I just peel off Simply Peel like the mess didn’t even happen. You don’t have to add a quick dry top coat here but I do for two reasons. One, because it makes the nails smoother to paint detail on, And two, because it’s easy to rub off if you make mistakes.

So this is just some brown-ish acrylic paint I got from the local craft store, and some white acrylic paint. And I’m trying to match that weird ivory color lace on the bag, so I just take a little brown and mix it in, to try and get the same color as the bag. Ooooh science! Chemistry. I don’t know. So I bought this really fine detail nail art brush, that JN Dance 24… Something. And I got it because I see all these FANTASTIC AMAZING REALISTIC nail art painters using it, and I just thought to myself, ‘If I just had that brush, then I just paint exactly as awesome as they can.’ But it’s not working.

Why isn’t this working? I’m not painting these tiny little fine details. It’s not working. I don’t understand. I want my money back. It just looks I drew like a button, and a couple weird lopsided bows. But I’m trying, I’m really trying. So once upon a time in my olden days, I also made a quick trick on how to get smoother lines for painting. So you can click on this link right here. It’ll take you to my foil in a nail art brush hack. So can you tell yet that I’m a fraud, that I can’t actually paint small detail like all the other nail artists in the land.

Yeah, whatever it’s okay. I just do gradients, and abstract art, and pretend I can paint. So I just double up on some of the acrylic paints’ faces, so that it’s filled in. So, I realize that before you actually let the acrylic paint dry. If you just take a little toothpick, and start to pick at the little pieces where you kinda went too far. Or you drew too much, or got a little paint brush happy. You can actually pick some off, and make the lines more clear. Kind of just shaves off the paint. And you can just brush it off when you’re done. So, there you go! A little trick for people who actually can’t paint. And, I think I’m done here. My wrist is tired, okay? Add a nice glossy top coat to make those flackies and holo shine. And, there you go! You look like you got an actual classy mani. That’s life appropiate, I would say.

Well, thanks for checking this out! And stay tuned for my next tutorial, on how to pretend to be a nail artist.

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