Simple Nail Art

Red Pink & White | Water Marble March 2014 #1 | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys! Just a quick naked nails update before I get to the water marbling. In particular with these two bad breaks from the patching tutorial; and i know i just got that posted

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D.I.Y homemade MATTE NAIL Polish!!! | AndreasChoice

Sometimes I just don’t feel like leaving my house to go buy things and that’s one of the reasons why I love DIY so much. In today’s tutorial, I’m actually

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Staggered Gradient | DIY Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys! Today we’re going to be working on what I’m calling a staggered gradient, and while I know it’s possible I’m unintentionally copying someone, I’ve

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Matte quilted nails the EASY DIY WAY

Holo everyone, what’s up it’s Cristine, and today I have some matte quilted nails for you. cuz… I don’t know why. oh well. Wait a second, some of you did

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3 Matte Nail Art Tutorials | Easy Nail Art For Beginners | ArcadiaNailArt

In today’s tutorial¬†I’ve created 3 looks that showcase matte vs glossy. For the first I used blue polish then regular topcoat. Now that it’s dry I’m making

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