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Nail Art Purple

The Unusual Secret of Nail Polish Designs

Where to Find Nail Polish Designs

Crackle polish is now popular as a result of its ability of producing endless designs and patterns. Should youn?t want to purchase a new polish each time you wish to try out read more

Purple Jewel Acrylic Nail Art Tutorial Video by Naio Nails

This nail we?re going to do a basic purple tip and on top we?re going to do a new jewel design. So we?re using a nice, deep purple but I?m also putting it read more

Aztec Tribal Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano BeautyClub)

Welcome to a new tutorial for Deborah Milano Today I?ve created some freehand nail art I?ve made the aztec tribal design and I?ve used natural colors I really read more

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